Jung Woo-Sung Distances Himself From Shin Hyun-Been


Tell Me That You Love Me returned with episode 3 on ENA, on Monday, December 4, 2023, at 9 p.m. KST and on Disney+ in selected regions. Kim Yoon-Jin directed the series from the script written by Kim Min-Jung. Shin Hyun-Been and Jung Woo-Sung star as the lead pair, Jung Mo-Eun and Cha Jin-Woo, in the series.

Tell Me That You Love Me chronicles the love story of a deaf artist, Cha Jin-Woo, and an aspiring actress, Jung Mo-Eun. The third episode shows Cha Jin-Woo trying to draw a line between him and Jung Mo-Eun to distance himself from her.

Tell Me That You Love Me episode 3: Jung Woo-Sung draws a line between him & Shin Hyun-Been

Episode 3 of Tell Me That You Love Me sheds light upon the emotional insecurities of Jung Woo-Sung’s Cha Jin-Woo. The episode shows several glimpses of the childhood traumas that Jin-Woo suffered. He was not deaf at birth but was diagnosed with a hearing disability during adolescence due to a severe fever. Cha Jin-Woo grew up in an orphanage.

However, he didn’t give in to his shortcomings. Instead, he developed an incredible visual observation ability, which led him to become a talented and recognized painter. But despite his success as an artist, he still has insecurities and deep-rooted trauma from his childhood. He built a wall around himself and refuses to display or establish emotional bonds with others.

In Tell Me That You Love Me episode 3, Jin-Woo develops a fondness for Shin Hyun-Been’s Jung Mo-Eun. However, he refrains from forming a deep emotional connection with her. He is afraid that he will get hurt or end up hurting Jung Mo-Eun if they come any closer. So, he intentionally distances himself from her.

Jung Woo-Sung waits for Shin Hyun-Been at the end of Tell Me That You Love Me episode 3

When Mo-Eun arrives at his work studio to invite him to another music concert, Jin-Woo draws a line between them. By writing in his notebook, he explains that just because he can feel music it does not mean he likes it. He further explains that he will always be there for Mo-Eun if she needs any help. However, she should enjoy all good things with someone else, with whom she does not have to be so considerate all the time.

This incident emotionally impacted Mo-Eun, who could understand that Jin-Woo has been consciously distancing himself from her. Towards the end of the Tell Me That You Love Me episode, Mo-Eun goes for an acting audition. However, it makes her miserable to get hit by the lead actress multiple times during shooting, although her role remains unconfirmed.

So, she comes out of the audition with a broken heart and sends a message to Jin-Woo, reminding him that he promised to be there when she needs him. Tell Me That You Love Me episode 3 ends on an emotional note, with Jin-Woo waiting for Mo-Eun and the latter crying while holding his coat from behind.

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