Karan Johar Slams KhanZaadi and Anurag Dobhal


In the recent Bigg Boss Season 17 episode and during Weekend ka Vaar, Karan Johar criticized KhanZaadi for her dramatic approach to her medical conditions. He reprimanded Anurag Dobhal for consistently disrespecting the show. Karan asked for confirmation from Anurag regarding his commitment to continue participating in the show.

During the recently aired episode, Bigg Boss assigned the housemates a task. They were asked to label Anurag Dobhal and Vicky Jain with negative trolling comments. While Anurag was severely criticized for quitting duties and responsibilities mid-way through the task, Vicky was spared.

The contestants participated in the task, but KhanZaadi opted out, leading to a bigger problem. The Housemaster pulled her up for failing to complete the assigned activity per the rules.

Check out a glimpse of the episode below:

Once the task was done, Karan Johar appeared in the episode and engaged with the housemates, discussing how they spent the week. Initially, he playfully asked Vicky Jain about the number of girlfriends he had in the past before marrying Ankita Lokhande. After that, Johar turned his attention to Anurag, seeking confirmation on whether he intended to continue in the house.

After a heated exchange with Anurag, Karan shifted the focus to KhanZaadi, addressing the ongoing drama surrounding her medical conditions. He also pointed out the rumors circulating about her medical reports within the house for the past few weeks. In response, KhanZaadi clarified that her medical condition is genuine and isn’t an attempt to gain sympathy from viewers.

Initially, she told Johar that she wished to continue in the house. However, as the argument unfolded, she became emotional and expressed her desire to leave the show again. Moreover, Karan also addressed Abhishek Kumar about his certification of friendship from Munawar Faruqui in recent instances.

Bigg Boss 17: Anurag finally cleared his status regarding the show

In the episode, Karan Johar addressed the issue. He asked Anurag whether he wanted to exit the show by agreeing to pay a penalty of Rs 2 Crore, as stipulated in the contract. Johar stated that if Anurag is willing to pay the fine, he can exit the show immediately.

Anurag stated that he intends to continue on the show. He justified himself by explaining that he initially faced challenges in the house but now feels comfortable and capable of continuing. He acknowledged the support of his fellow housemates, emphasizing that they have helped him survive the show.

Following this, Karan warned Anurag, emphasizing that such incidents should not occur for the remainder of his time in the house.

Overall, it will be intriguing to see what unfolds next in Weekend ka Vaar, as the show’s promo appears to be teasing a significant twist in the house with the possible eviction of Sunny Arya.

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