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    Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 20 Release Date and Time

    If you are looking for details regarding the Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 20 release date, we’ve got you covered. The much-anticipated Episode 20 is titled “It’s Just the School Trip” and will hopefully bring about further development regarding Shoko Komi’s goal to make new friends. The latest episode of Komi Can’t Communicate revolved around a series of misunderstandings, leading to many comedic moments.

    Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 20 Release Date and Time

    Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 20 will be available on Wednesday, June 15. The show will air on Thursday in Japan at 12:00 a.m. JST.

    In the U.S., that translates to the following times:

    • 8:00 a.m. PT
    • 10:00 a.m. CT
    • 11:00 a.m. ET

    Where to Watch Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 20

    Komi Can’t Communicate is available to stream on Netflix. A new episode airs every Wednesday.

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    Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 19 Recap

    In “It’s Just a Misunderstanding,” Komi panics over the thought of Najimi Osana seeing her holding Hitohito Tadano’s hand while he was sick. She spends the night writing a letter to them to clarify things. The following day, Najimi sees Komi placing the letter in their locker and runs off with it. Komi stated in the letter that she was simply checking Tadano’s pulse. While preparing to come to school, Tadano wonders whether or not Komi visited him the previous day. Upon arriving, he immediately sees Komi and asks her about yesterday, trying to get an indirect confirmation regarding his supposed hallucination. In the end, Komi runs away, embarrassed.

    Shisuto Naruse — the self-proclaimed handsome protagonist — attempts to talk to Komi for the first time, but he is blocked multiple times by his classmates, whom he thought were his fans. While leaving for the restroom, Naruse drops his handkerchief on the classroom floor. On his way back, Komi returns his handkerchief, and Naruse interprets it as an expression of love. He asks for her phone number the day after, but she runs off. Ultimately, Naruse gets Tadano’s number instead and sends him many selfies.

    With the school trip to Kyoto coming up, Tadano, Najimi, and Komi talk about the places they want to see. In the middle of their discussion, Komi excuses herself and leaves. While walking home after school, Tadano asks if Komi is okay. She claims she’s okay but immediately calls Tadano after they go in opposite directions. Komi explains through the phone about her experience with her junior high field trip, which causes her anxiety for the upcoming one. Tadano comforts her and reminds her that he and Najimi are there for her. After hearing that, Komi feels better and more prepared for the trip.

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