‘Macbeth,’ ‘Parallel Mothers,’ ‘The Velvet Queen’, ‘Memoria’ Open At Arthouse


Adult demos slow to embrace cinemas may be even slower this holiday weekend amid a barrage of breathless Omicron headlines — that aren’t all bad. It spreads fast but seems less virulent than previous strains, and may burn out faster.  “I think we might get dinged a little bit,” said one distribution executive. However, “This not like 2020. We are in a much different world. Then, I felt like I was rightfully terrified.” Execs are hopeful that a nascent specialty uptick in recent months – recovery may be too strong – will only be diverted short term before resuming course. “These doomsday headlines are pretty temporary. I think January will be very interesting,” said one.    Venturing out for the holidays, we have Joel Coen’s acclaimed The Tragedy of Macbeth in black and white from A24 and …

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