Marvel Studios’ SPIDER-MAN 4: NEW HOME – First Trailer (2024) Tom Holland, Tom Hardy Movie


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Here’s our ‘First Trailer’ concept for Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures upcoming movie SPIDER-MAN: NEW HOME (2024) (More Info About This Video Down Below!) 🕷

Some VFX scenes are from @zachreichgut

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The inspiration behind this video:

While Sony did not allow Marvel Studios to use Kraven the Hunter for Holland’s trilogy finale, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s ending set up the next movie in the franchise, Spider-Man 4, to adapt Kraven’s most famous storyline from the comics, “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with Doctor Strange conjuring a spell that made everyone forget who Peter Parker was. Because of that — and Green Goblin having killed Aunt May earlier in the movie — Holland’s Peter Parker was left alone, with no family or loved ones remembering who he was and no access to the Stark tech he used as Spider-Man.

That setup is perfect for Marvel Studios to circle back to its original villain choice for Spider-Man: No Way Home, bringing Kraven to the MCU with a version of “Kraven’s Last Hunt” in Spider-Man 4. That comic book story saw Kraven give it his all to beat Spider-Man, and the villain succeeded in a major way. Kraven seemingly kills Spider-Man and takes over his costume to prove he is superior to the hero. However, Spider-Man was not actually dead, only having been buried alive by Kraven. With no one remembering who Spider-Man is, everything is aligned for Kraven to try to kill Spider-Man and don his identity in Spider-Man 4.

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