Mortuary Workers 2 Latest Yoruba Movie | Apa | Okele | Tosin Olaniyan | Sisi Quadri | Juliet Jatto


In this Latest Comedy drama featuring Apa, Okele, Sisi Quadri and Tosin Olaniyan, a motley crew of mortuary employees finds themselves in a series of comical and outlandish predicaments as they strive to maintain dignity in the face of the dearly departed. As they navigate the fine line between dignity and absurdity, their unconventional approach to the job breathes life into a reality that would reshape the life choices of their boss.

If you’re looking for a good Yoruba movie to watch, then you should check out Mortuary Workers Yoruba Movie .This movie is based on true events and is jam-packed with action and suspense. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

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