New Covid Cases Triple In Los Angeles This Week As


After a week of rising Covid cases in Los Angeles, the county’s daily count of new infections hit a high not seen in nearly a year. On Christmas Eve the region reported 9,988 new cases. The last time it saw a daily new cases count that high was mid-January 2021.  On Tuesday of this week, L.A.’s new cases number stood at 3,052. That means the daily number of new infections has risen more than 300% in just four days. The 7-day average of test positivity — often considered a better gauge of virus spread because it is both a percentage and an average — is up over 400% in less than a week, from 2.3% on Saturday to 9.6% today.    The Omicron variant, while more transmissible, is thought to be less virulent than Delta, which it is rapidly replacing. That is good news, because it likely means fe …

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