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    One Day as A Lion Trailer: Scott Caan & J

    Lionsgate has released the official One Day as A Lion trailer for the forthcoming crime comedy, starring Scott Caan as a lousy hitman who was tasked to kill J.K. Simmons’ cunning character. The R-rated film will arrive in theaters on April 4, followed by its VOD and digital release on April 7.

    One Day as a Lion is directed by John Swab from a screenplay written by Caan. Joining Caan and Simmons are Frank Grillo (The Purge films), Marianne Rendón (Imposters), Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black), George Carroll (The Town), and Virginia Madsen (Candyman).

    Check out the One Day as a Lion trailer below:

    “Jackie Powers (Caan) is a nice guy but a lousy hitman, and when he’s sent to take out a crafty debtor (Simmons), Jackie only pisses him off,” reads the synopsis. “Fleeing the scene, Jackie takes bored waitress Lola as a hostage. When Jackie reveals he needs money to get his son out of jail, Lola cooks up a scheme for them to get cash from her dying mother (Madsen). Meanwhile, a thug sent to kill him is sleeping with Jackie’s ex. This crime-comedy is a witty homage to Tarantino and the Coen brothers.”

    One Day as a Lion is executive produced by Caan, Barry Brooker, Ali Jazayeri, Josh Spector, Stan Wertlieb, and Viviana Zarragoitia, with Jeremy M. Rosen set as a producer.

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