‘SNL’: Willem Dafoe Pestered By Appleton, Wisconsin Couple In Opening


Willem Dafoe tonight made his debut as host of Saturday Night Live, speaking in his monologue about his excitement about returning to New York, where his career as an actor began.  “I moved here when I was 21, had no money, and rented an apartment on 10th and Avenue A for 200 bucks a month, and that’s where I learned how to act,” said the four-time Oscar nominee. “For example, I had to act like I enjoyed having a bathtub in my kitchen.”  Dafoe recalled that he got his start in experimental theater, as an original member of The Wooster Group. “That background really taught me how to throw myself into a role,” he said. “Some people tell me that my acting is over the top, but to me, one man’s over-the-top is another man’s engaged performance.”   Related Story ‘SNL’: John Mulaney To Join …

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