‘SPOILED BRAT!’ Dancing With the Stars’ fans slam Olivia Jade


DANCING With the Stars’ fans slammed Olivia Jade for being labeled a “lifestyle influencer” on the season 30 premiere.  The 21-year-old showed off her dance moves after her parents’ shocking college admissions scandal. 5Dancing With The Stars’ fans slammed Olivia Jade as she was called an ‘influencer’Credit: ABC 5Lori Loughlin’s daughter joined the show following the college admissions scandalCredit: Getty – Contributor  While Olivia was likely ecstatic to compete during on DWTS on Monday, many viewers slammed the YouTube star after host Tyra Banks introduced her as a “fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer.”  Fans were quick to take it to social media, as one person wrote: “Olivia, you are best known for your mom paying to get you into college.”  Another added: “We all know what you’r …

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