The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 Trailer Teases Action and


The cast of The Challenge: All Stars season 2 are ready to get their game on, go play.  In the action-packed exclusive supertrailer above, we see 24 beloved Challengers and former foes battle for redemption, glory and $500,000, all appropriately set to a dramatic cover of Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”  “Some of you’ve been waiting a long time for this, the chance to capture that elusive victory,” teases host TJ Lavin. “To earn your second chance, you’ve gotta work harder and dig deeper.”  From the looks of it, they’ll be doing just that — there are scenes of players running, jumping from moving vehicles and flying from some sort of contraption. But we also see Melinda Collins and Jodi Weatherton in tears, Laterrian Wallace getting into an ambulance and Tina Barta, well, making a whole lott …

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