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    The Worst Movie and TV Catchphrases

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And maybe that is true. But imitation can also be super annoying.

    For example, we would be quite happy if we never heard any of these famous catchphrases from movies and television shows ever again. Maybe, once upon a time, these quotes were funny. Perhaps, eons ago, it was amusing to hear someone recite these lines in a ridiculous voice. But that was many moons ago. These days, hearing these catchphrases again is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard: An instant, reflexive flinch.

    It should be said that these catchphrases were in many cases a key part of their respective films and series’ success. Audiences latched on to the characters’ quirks and their unique speech patterns, copied them, and acted like unpaid viral marketers. The more these catchphrases spread, the more other potential audiences grew curious about them — and then saw the movies and shows and started repeating the lines themselves. As a result, the annoyingness of these catchphrases is not entirely the fault of the original speaker or writer. It really is through years or decades of repetition by admiring (and irritating) fans that made them unbearable.

    Nonetheless, these folks said it first, and often they said it dozens upon dozens of times. And if they never said it again, we would be so cool with that.

    The Worst Movie and TV Catchphrases

    If we never hear these catchphrases from movie and TV shows again, that would be just fine.

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