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    A Desire That Blooms in Solitude and Silence: The Enigmatic Melodies of “Still Echoes” by Sounds M

    Osaka, Osaka, Japan — In a world inundated with the constant clamor of daily life, Sounds M, led by the composer Mayumi Masuya, invites listeners into an intimate and introspective journey with their latest single, “Still Echoes.” Embracing the power of silence and the richness of solitude, Sounds M unveils an enigmatic masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of conventional musical expression.

    The haunting composition, featuring an intricate interplay of three pianos, including a meticulously prepared piano, captures the essence of an atmospheric and mysterious soundscape. Deliberate and unhurried, “Still Echoes” unfolds like a delicate blossom, its notes echoing through the expanse of an infinite, dark cosmic space. Each chord and melody is delicately woven, drawing listeners into a contemplative realm where time and space converge.

    Reflecting on the composition, Mayumi Masuya shares, “Is this too simple? I thought about that, but I decided to release it because I thought it would be okay to leave it as it is.” This statement encapsulates the raw authenticity and unadulterated emotion that resonates within “Still Echoes.” The decision to preserve the composition’s purity is a testament to Sounds M’s dedication to delivering an unfiltered and profound musical experience.

    “Still Echoes” is a single that showcases Mayumi Masuya’s exceptional talent and ability to craft evocative musical narratives. As the world grapples with the cacophony of modern existence, “Still Echoes” serves as a poignant reminder of the profound beauty that can emerge from silence. With a seamless blend of tranquility and depth, this composition stands as a testament to the enduring power of music to evoke emotions, provoke introspection, and transport the soul to realms beyond the tangible.

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    She is a recording artist and composer, born in Kobe, Japan, and currently residing in the vibrant city of Osaka. Additionally, she spent a memorable period of her life in Australia, where she was enchanted by the breathtaking blue skies, celestial stars, the grandeur of the moon, and the captivating wildlife that is truly unique to that continent.

    She finds it challenging to confine herself to a specific genre, and that’s perfectly fine. Whether it’s composing music, creating artwork, or crafting videos, she is driven by an unwavering love for the creative process.

    She has a deep appreciation for classical composers like Claude Debussy, Eric Satie, and Gustav Mahler, with Debussy’s ‘Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun’ holding a special place in her heart. She also draws inspiration from contemporary artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Jóhann Jóhannsson, among others. In the realm of visual arts, the surrealistic paintings of Paul Delvaux fuel her imagination.

    Her goal is to create background music that not only serves as ambient sound but also enhances imagery and videos, forging a harmonious synergy between sound and visuals to captivate global audiences.


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