AV Super Sunshine Drops New Single


Passed down from generations and a story, it seems as old as time, is the act of betrayal from one of Jesus’ 12 Apostles, Judas. In the new pop song, “Judas” from AV Super Sunshine, the free-spirited artist from Wisconsin. Thrilling the listener yet again with a rousing mix of electronica and pop-based beats, “Judas” feels exceptionally humbling with a modern twist. It’s a religious tale, but one that has universal appeal. Finding a way to hit the heart of even the non-believer, AV Super Sunshine relies heavily on a spellbinding vocal event in this impassioned track. “Judas” is from the soon-to-be-released album ARTROCK. 

AV Super Sunshine, the moniker of an artist from Wisconsin, is less and less about the man behind the voice as it is more about the listening experience. Often at odds with the current or contemporary sounds – AV Super Sunshine always seems to have a retro appeal and soft spot for a kaleidoscope of genres and influences. “Judas” is like a calmed down version of AV Super Sunshine’s expanding  discography. Call it evolution or call it a comeback, “Judas” transports the listener to a simple, beautiful state-of-mind.

The vocals are tight. To me this was right on the same level as Leonard Cohen’s vocal rendition of “Hallelujah” in the vibe. It’s such a stirring melody and dare I say, rattling to the senses. It stops you. You gulp. It’s as if you were sitting in a quiet library and someone were to start singing – your first instinct is to think of them as loud, but they are singing in a room where the sound bounces all about. AV Super Sunshine has this calming way of singing, even though it’s about a very sad story, that feels very kind. What is missing are all the bells and whistles and trippy-changeups I’ve encountered in previous AV Super Sunshine songs (“Baby Goodbye”, “Orange” and many more). It’s not a bad thing…it’s just different. 

“Judas” could also be about changing the narrative or reinventing yourself. I think we know to place blame on someone, and like a tattoo that person wears that blame and even shame the rest of their days. Where is the forgiveness? AV Super Sunshine sings of literals – such as the 30 silver coins Judas took (only to return) for betraying Jesus to the high priests. I think the seriousness of the whole scenario is displayed, with the music offering little sparks of electronica. One has to wonder if the bursts of energy and electronic pulses convey the wrinkles in time, the passing of generations over time and space. AV Super Sunshine always seems to include that arthouse ‘unknown’.

I had to wonder if this was the case. I can only surmise that this song bridges history and culture. Is AV Super Sunshine making the ultimate statement that Jesus is part of pop culture? I’m not sure. I am sure this is a helluva song. “Judas” kept me listening and even if it made me sad or even angry thinking of Judas and the Bible story, it still made me think. I hope that’s one of the intentions behind this song. 

Trace Whittaker