Dici’s Drops New Single “Beautiful Collision”


The video for Dici’s new single “Beautiful Collision” has a nearly unrelenting atmosphere of low-watt desperation. Brian Bayeri has handled Dici’s work before. His direction for the earlier single “Left to Right” elevated the song’s public profile several notches, without question, but the work he’s produced with Dici’s new video poises him to accomplish much more.

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The clip is a full blown narrative without ever leaning too hard on the “story” and forgetting why listeners/viewers are here. It isn’t to watch a short film. Bayeri and Dici possess a keen understanding of how cinematography and location affect an audience’s response to a visual work and their sense for compelling imagery is sharp. His indie status poses no obstacle to the video’s quality – it has a polished look from beginning to end and it doesn’t appear as if Dici skimped or short-cutted any aspect of its production.

He doesn’t short cut the songwriting either. Even the electronic backing has a full and robust sound that comes leaping out of the speakers without drowning out the vocals or obscuring the visual component. Many listeners will be especially taken with the percussion, but it isn’t ever so ostentatious as to draw an inordinate amount of attention to the rhythm track. It keeps the cut percolating, but never allows it to race out of control.

You can hear a tight artistic hand on the single. Dici has constructed the track in a very deliberate, methodical manner without ever draining any sense of possibility from the listening experience. He alternates dynamics supremely well, it is not often an element emphasized in pop songs, and further separates Dici’s work from the pack.

Dici’s capacity for a substantive yet appealing turn of phrase is among the best in pop today. There’s no question of it. Unexpected and less than commonplace rhymes aren’t mere ornamentation but, instead, takes the song in rewarding directions that similar material doesn’t take on. The deceptive ease in his approach doesn’t reveal the undoubtedly many hours and hard work that goes into making a song sound easy. It is exciting, however, to hear how this song practically pours out of him.

He has a tight grasp on how to develop his career as well. Dici hasn’t been rushing his new material, taking his time to calibrate and refine everything for the greatest possible effect, and his instincts have proven unerring thus far. Listeners can expect that to continue. Miami’s latest pop talent is ready to take on the national and global stage. There is plenty of room for growth, as well, without ever losing the passion present in every second of this song.

There’s nothing artificial or rehearsed about this song. Pop music often deals with preconceived notions that unfairly limit its potential, but Dici clearly does not agree. His songwriting has no boundary and we can expect him to go wherever his heart leads him. Long may he love, create, and wander and there will be many listeners willing to follow him. 

Trace Whittaker