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    Known for her dynamic performances and infectious energy, divaDanielle started her career after catching a record that the infamous Darren Emerson threw into the crowd in 2003 (Grant Nelson’s “Free & Switch” for those who were wondering). After many years in the LA underground scene, she started releasing original tracks through InStereo Recordings. Her debut track (and now Diva theme song) “Work” spent 6 months on the Beatport House 100. In 2015 she struck gold with “I Got A Man,” a collaboration with DJ Dan, spending a month in the House Top 10. She has since released charting Funky House, Tech House and Bass House tracks on labels such as WyldCard Records, Fort Knox Recordings, Late Night Munchies and Wulfpack as well as put out numerous bootlegs, including a Tech House remix of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”. With forthcoming releases on InStereo and Admit One Records, she continues to consistently place in Beatport and Traxsource’s Top 100 charts and be featured in their curated Best Of and Staff Picks lists.

    What has been your most favorite compliment about your music? 

    A lot of people tell me they work out or have sex to my mixes! For real though, I think when people tell me they’ve gone through something a certain song or DJ mix helped them through it.

    Who do you make your music for?

    I make it for myself and for my fans. I love making music so there is a completely selfish act of creation happening. And, at the same time, I want to see people happy and dancing so I’m always thinking about the dance floor when I write. How would I feel if I was out there dancing? What is the feeling that I want to invoke in the crowd? It’s a collaboration whether the crowd knows it or not.

    Talk to us about your latest track?

    I just wrapped up a remix for DJ Denise called “I Feel Good.” We’re currently shopping it around to record labels. It’s probably my favorite track I’ve made so far this year. I really wanted to create a growing feeling of elation as the track builds which explodes. I like to describe it as a sort of heart explosion. I really feel it when I listen back to it. I’m feeling really excited about this one.

    Where were you emotionally in your life when you created it? 

    I’ve actually been going through a break up so I think it’s one of those songs that reminds you everything is ok. No matter where you are, life is constantly changing. There are ups and downs. Sometimes we are in the low points. Sometimes in the high points. The more I remind myself every point in the journey is part of the journey, the more easily I can flow through whatever comes my way.

    What studio experience could you relay to the artist early on in their career? 

    Just keep going. There is a learning curve that we all go through. If you can just keep pushing through even when it’s hard, you will eventually get there. Things will get easier. Just have the patience to ride it out.

    What is the next goal for you? 

    I’m releasing 12 tracks this year. I’ve already got 6 releases. 2 on the calendar. So I’m still in the middle of this goal. I believe I can do it!

    When is your next single dropping? Can you tell us the name and what inspired it?

    This Fall, I have a release called “Tripped Up” coming out on Admit One Records out of San Francisco. I was watching a documentary about the Heaven’s Gate cult. There was an expert explaining how the leaders of the cult developed their whole ethos. She looks directly at the camera and goes, “they went to the forest and well….they took acid.” She follows it up with a great laugh. I thought to myself – now that is a great sample! So I took out my recorder and recorded her voice and built a whole track around it with one of my production partners, an artist based out of San Diego called Skolo. It’s kinda weird and trippy, obviously. It’s a lot of fun.

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