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    Exclusive Interview with Teyquil

    We’re pumped to be speaking today with celebrated singer and songwriter Teyquil. How has your 2022 been treating you so far? 

    Well hello, Pop Icon Magazine! I am so honored to be here and to be speaking with you today. So far, 2022 has been treating me fairly kindly and though there have been some down moments, I can honestly say that the ups have been consistent and present and I’m blessed to encounter these experiences in real time as of late.

    Congratulations on your brilliant new single, the ballad Girlz on Bikes! Have you been surprised by how warmly this gem has been embraced not only by the fans, but also the critics?

    Thank you for the warm congrats my friend. Yeah!! I have been extremely surprised as to how well it’s been received and I’m so grateful for the acknowledgement no matter how it comes.  Fans, critics, and others alike, I cherish deeply and I am so ecstatic that the reviews have been nothing but positive so far.

    Who was your producer on Girlz on Bikes and what did that collaboration look like? 

    Ha! I love this question. “Girlz on Bikes” was produced by me, actually. As all my other tracks were which you’ll hear soon in the coming weeks or so. At this time, no other collaboration to speak of or to announce but will soon be sharing very soon. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that information shortly.

    What convinced you as an artist that Girlz on Bikes was the perfect choice as your next single release?

    Simple, it’s catchy, edgy, groovy, easy to follow to a degree and the lyrics are pleasantly respectful in regards to conveying appreciation to the opposite sex in a context that I find quite welcoming. Plus, it’s the summertime!!! I feel it’s the perfect tune for this kind of season. Lol….

    As a singer and songwriter, which comes first for you: The lyrics or the music?

    Yes, another great question. It’s music for me. I love to create and produce and so, if the music moves me, then I can begin to formulate lyrics that run in parallel with what I’m creating and before you know it, B.A.M!!!!!! I’m singing lyrics to music that I’ve created and the flow couldn’t have emerged any better than it has thus far, 

    Can fans look forward to hearing a full-length album from you in 2022? 

    Maybe not a full-length album as of yet but an EP is in the works and will be dropping 6/23/2022 I’m hoping folks will really take to it.

    End of Interview

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