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    Exclusive Interview with Treneti

    Tell us about your latest release?

    My latest release is a single called “Desire” you can stream it on every major platform and at

    What was the creative process for it?

    This is one of those songs that came through into different moments of my life. I made the beat around NYE 2021 and had a completely different name for the track and everything. I just sat on it for a few months then as life progressed I found myself experiencing an awakening of deep love and connection with my best friend. The lyrics of the song are inspired by those irreplaceable initial sparks of new love finding itself. I am also paying homage to song writers like Marvin Gay from back in the day when people used to leave a little something to mystery. I am all about that kind of romance. So in this song I used the inspiration of the love I am experiencing to tap into that and create something sexy and classy with a modern twist. 

    Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

    I am inspired by so many musicians and types of music. The list is way too long but some artists whose influence directly inspired the way I approach expressing myself musically and as an artist are Bjork, Tom Yorke, Little Dragon, Laaraji, Alsarah, and Umm Kulthum. Impressionistic music as a whole the entire philosophy of this genre is very resonant to me. And I love working with ancient scales and polyrhythms so I find myself constantly inspired by music coming out of North Eastern Africa

    Who would be a dream collaboration for you?

    Of course any of the above influences and in addition to that I really vibe with 47 Soul, Alewya, Low Leaf, Charlie Brix, Flava D just to name a few. I think it would be a treat to collaborate with any of these artists. 

    Do you have a piece of advice you carry with you that you like to pass on to other musicians?

    You can’t be a successful musician without also being a successful business person. Treat your music like a business out the gate  because it is. 

    Any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?

    Yes next up I will be releasing a new EP called Galactic Jukebox. The official release date has not been set yet so follow me on your favorite streaming platform and  head over to and join the mailing list to be the first to hear it! 

    Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music!

    The very best place to be in touch with me is at and I am also active on instagram and most other social platforms at @trenetimusic 

    For press inquiries:

    End of Interview

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