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    Giving Voice to Life Experiences, Feelings, and the Spectrum of Emotions – Prolific Soul Artist Omar Nisbeth Stuns with New Album

    Creating his own brand of music which spans a rich mélange of styles and stories, Omar Nisbeth is striking all the right chords amidst fans of Alternative & Soul

    Dolton, Illinois — On the runway to success, R&B, Soul, and Alternative favorite, Omar Nisbeth is all set to captivate audiences once again. With his upcoming album, ‘Vibrant Color,’ the electric songwriter and powerful vocalist hopes to share his talents with his listeners.

    Set to drop for listeners on June 30th, 2023, ‘Vibrant Color’ marks the second album by Omar Nisbeth and displays the artist’s individuality and artistic fervor. More than anything, the new record continues his streak of creating music that audiences can relate to and resonate with deeply.

    By stringing together verses that truly depict the various thoughts that he is experiencing, the prolific artist is able to build a strong and intimate connection with each listener. Independently written, composed, and sung, Omar’s new album follows the success of his last record, ‘Unbounded Energy.’

    Flourishing in his own colors, Omar’s music remains distinctive and incomparable in the way he creates and develops his craft. Writing about all kinds of thoughts and emotions he is undergoing- whether they are happy, sad, motivational, or poignant, the artist clings to an authentic style grounded in the real world.

    “No matter the genre, I just make music as a form of self-healing. If people can relate to my songs as well, that just makes my day. My biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson because most of his songs always had some type of meaning/message behind them. That right there is what I strive for, creating songs with meaningful messages,” says Omar Nisbeth.

    Achieving his goals one after another, Omar plans to continue making music, performing live, and enjoying the creative process in the future. He also hopes that listeners enjoy his music, the same way he enjoys the process that goes behind the final act.

    Stream and enjoy Omar Nisbeth’s new music, including his upcoming album, ‘Vibrant Color,’ and follow the artist on Spotify. If you are looking for an interview or a collaboration opportunity, feel free to reach out to the artist through his official email.



    From Pop, Jazz, R&B, Alternative, and more, Omar’s various musical influences have had an enormous impact in helping shape his own distinct sound. At age 3, the artist received his first toy piano, and in 2007, at the young age of 9, the artist began playing the trumpet and guitar. He then went on to receive vocal training between the years 2013-2020. Although soft-spoken by nature, when in his musical element, the passion that Omar possesses for his art is truly a sight to witness. His soothing yet powerful vocals are felt in every song he writes, composes, and sings- pouring his entire heart and soul into each word that he pens.


    Omar Nisbeth
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