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    “I’m Sorry” by Brenda Carsey

    Did I fuck up again?/how’d I fuck up again? When a song begins with these two lines, you know you’re in for something special. Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter, Brenda Carsey, has unleashed her sentinel single, “I’m Sorry.” The multi-talented and highly capable Carsey is something of a veteran at this point, you could say. The maturity she displays as a Songwriter and her evolution as a human being is notable.

    “I’m Sorry,” according to its composer is about accepting fault and letting go. You can say you’re sorry a dozen times a day, but sincerity is paramount. Not only does Carsey come across as hopelessly genuine, but she sacrifices her sense of control in the process. The song has a somber center of gravity, but it’s every bit as beautiful as it is, well, sorrowful. Carsey is talented enough to bypass any and all cliches as she spins an idiosyncratic web of sounds and emotions on her latest single.

    There’s a subtle blending of styles on “I’m Sorry,” most surprisingly of which is something of a Country backdrop. It’s unlikely you’ll hear a tune this abstract on Country radio, but Carsey certainly knows how to rouse the senses. The most outstanding aspect of “I’m Sorry” is how it builds to a rather unconventional crescendo. There’s no overdose of melodrama, but rather a quiet destination of resolve. There’s truly a moral fiber at the center of this track, with not an ounce of pretentiousness.

    The music video for “I’m Sorry” is what is most likely to get people talking. I won’t spoil it here, but let’s just say you will have to see it to believe it. Brenda Carsey understands the visual aspect of her art as well as the musical, and she gives us something we won’t soon forget in this video. I found her to be instantly engaging, even though she isn’t particularly commanding in any way. Her voice is both sagely and youthful, and she balances strength and vulnerability in a way that seems entirely natural.

    I wish I had more constrictive criticism to offer in regards to the production of this piece, I really do. But there aren’t many if any at all, blemishes here. There’s a few lyrical phrasings that seems as if they could have been slightly altered, but that’s a matter of taste. What you hear on “I’m Sorry” is quite simply an artist at the top of their game. All Carsey needs is an audience and an opportunity, and the rest is a faux accompli.

    While “I’m Sorry,” certainly isn’t the most upbeat ride, it’s a truly rewarding one. Carsey gives us something both easy to understand and poignant. It’s self reflective, but ultimately the song is one of forgiveness and devotion. Finding salvation through acceptance of our own shortcomings seems like a natural elective. However, it seems that we often struggle to allow the words to leave our mouths. Lucky for us, Brenda Carsey is here to say them for us.

    Trace Whittaker

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