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    In Her Words, inspired by broken relationship Her words should be heard and so should his.

    canton, ohio — She said it so many times. She just wanted respect in the relationship. He feels as if he his emotions were being played with. So many disagreements led to their demise as a couple going their separate ways. Telling each other how they feel with a farewell.

    In Her Words as a female in society they are portrayed to be submissive. Men are portrayed to become the bread winner. Women and men all around the world have their thoughts and disagreements when it comes to being a great wife, girlfriend, husband or whatever in a relationship, what they will allow from their significant other, and how to communicate with the one they love.

    You can find In Her Words on all platforms March 19, 2023.

    “Trust the process” and “Be You”. If someone cannot handle who you are as a person, let them walk out your life and make them stand on that. Your beautiful, your smart, your something amazing, and its not your fault. Learn from your mistakes and continue to grow.

    Kenyamonee inspired by music and lives on. She is creative and open minded. Follow her on all social sites and tune into the world of Kenyamonee.

    In Her Words, just try to understand from both sides your role in someone’s life.

    Check out this hot new track In Her Words on all platforms March 19, 2023.




    Kenyamonee. An independent artist from Akron, Ohio taking the stage with hot new music. Inspired by music itself, she continues to promote Kenyamonee as a brand and will be in and on the screen. Stay tuned in.


    Name: Kenya Lester
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