Some people are natural born artists. They are able to find inspiration in their everyday life and struggles, and they often have a Midas touch regarding quality. Vikki SOTA boasts that kind of creativity, but it isn’t extended to music alone. The budding mogul and entrepreneur opened Quality Sound Studios after first moving to the Los Angeles area from Minnesota; he isn’t hesitant to promote the studio via his social media platforms.



    Vikki SOTA, likewise, made a classic smart decision and made several investments and business moves early on including opening his own studio in Los Angeles. These investments provide for his future, naturally, and serve as building blocks for his nascent empire. They will also potentially generate some of the needed capital to advance his musical career. It’s an unusual move for a modern music entertainer and a long way from the humble Minnesota streets he once called home.

    Few acts in the modern music world today can earn the spotlight’s attention without a concerted push. Vikki SOTA, is one of the rare exceptions. Cream still occasionally rises to the top and his upbringing provides much of the necessary upward thrust. Vikki SOTA comes from a humble beginning. He didn’t allow it to stop him, however, from putting an unimpeachable work ethic in place and finishing his college education. The momentum he generated from those youthful moves propelled him towards the City of Angeles – it’s remarkable that he’s accomplished all of this under his own power.

    There will be more to come. Self-motivation has always been underrated when discussing rising performers and thinkers, but it’s an essential ingredient. No one needs to prod or inspire Vikki SOTA to work; this is a young man who wakes up each morning looking for a bone to chew on. You can’t teach this sort of skill. There’s a hunger burning deep within him that goes well beyond merely proving himself to others; he finds his greatest satisfaction in proving to himself that he’s lived up to his potential.

     His most recent single “Run Up My Bands” is just a harbinger of greater things to come. He’s hard at work on an EP, Genesis, I expect will dazzle existing fans while blowing newcomers’ minds. It’s safe to say Vikki SOTA will keep up a fast-paced release schedule – this is an individual who seems to be bursting with creative energy and he likely isn’t interested in tarrying long. He has dreams to make real, ambitions to fulfill, and we have the honor of watching it all unfold.

    These are only the first steps. There are greater days ahead for Vikki Sota, and his name will likely be a household name in short order. He’s the complete package and his unwillingness to limit himself to music alone is one of the principal hallmarks of his talent. He’s creating a new life for himself, a life he can hand down one day to his children, and he’s paying it forward sharing his immense gifts with the world at large.

    Trace Whittaker

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