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    Messer’s New Single “Unfvckwitable”

    Messer’s new single “Unfvckwitable” is a ready-made anthem for 2022 undoubtedly expressing the sentiments many feel after 2 pandemic-ridden years, domestic upheaval, and strife around the globe. Messer’s single enjoys an outstanding promotional video accompanying its release as well courtesy of director Matthew JC’s 1307 Productions that accentuates rather than overshadows the band’s strengths.


    The Dallas, Texas based unit started in 2009 and have two prior releases under their belt. “Unfvckwitable” is a harbinger of where the band is going now and, judged as such, it’s clear Messer are consolidating their status as a rising band and further refining their art. The band has pared down from a five-piece to a four-piece without losing any of the expansive power and atmospheric skill evident in their earlier recordings.

    “Unfvckwitable” is clearly written with an anthem in mind. Messer, however, doesn’t fall into an assortment of clichéd traps. The single surges forward with real white-knuckle fist in the air passion while embracing intelligent songwriting each step of the way. A little over ten years together as a band has polished their presentation to a fine shine without sacrificing any muscle in the process. Listeners know when Messer brings the hammer down; the effect is unmistakable.

    Lead singer Dereak Messer strikes the right note between an all-out wail and emotive singer that complements the track, especially during its chorus. It’s there where the band stretches out some, giving the song a wider sonic canvas than before with ample room for the instruments to breathe. Producer Chad Gendason has worked with the band since their debut and continues a creatively fruitful association as well as snagging a co-writing credit for the new single.

    The lyrical content is not especially wordy and yet conveys its message with well-crafted and declarative lines. You cannot ignore the percussive quality of the vocal melody and how the singing corresponds so closely with the track’s emotional highs and lows. Hard rock such as this isn’t your standard virtuoso guitar hero fare – the six-string has a much more orchestral role to play than standing out as a lead instrument.

    This should not diminish Javier Contreras’ contributions, however. Messer’s music straddles a fine line between anthem-driven hard rock and a smattering of prog metal thanks to the aforementioned guitar. Calling upon this level of stylistic dexterity is a strength Messer can rely on for years to come and may even serve them well in the changing winds of public taste. The fully realized release of this new single signal, if nothing else, that this Texas outfit is intent on making a lasting impact.


    Some may sneer a little at the title and say, look, they are writing cheap songs with modern lingo, five years and it will date. It isn’t so. “Unfuvkwitable” connects with modern audiences but likewise delves into timeless themes of self-empowerment that any listener will relate to and such attributes help Messer’s music achieve eternal relevance. There’s no moss growing on this song anytime soon. 

    Trace Whittaker

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