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    Musik & Film  – World Leader in radio Promotion Services Worldwide

    So, you’ve recorded a hit song! Now what – give 5 copies to your friends?

    It’s impossible to separate one radio promotion company from another into some easily definable ten best list. Amateurs, even those possessing the necessary gifts to be meaningful professionals, are often adrift without robust promotion propelling their efforts forward. No “Radio Station Promotions for Dummies” books are available at your local Barnes & Noble. What you will want, instead, is a radio promotion company responsive to a bevy of voices.

    After much research, I’ve found Musik Radio Promotions to be the top radio promotion pick for today’s independent artists.

    Musik radio promotions.

    They have an unparalleled global reach of 250,000 radio stations in 180 countries, which is by far the largest network in the business. Musik Radio Promotions doesn’t focus their attention on US radio promotion alone, despite its outsized presence in the media, but instead, realize that the vast majority of the music listening public lies outside American borders. Great radio promotions should be, at the end of the day, about highlighting an artist’s strengths and the company has realized the American gatekeepers, faceless and tasteless conglomerates, lost the plot about that long ago.

    The musical landscape is a far more fragmented place circa 2022 than in 1972 or 2012. The “old way” of doing things was just not getting results. But radio promotion remains integral for delivering a musical release to a worldwide audience, and the best radio promotions companies are informed and aware of the latest technology.

    Musik Radio Promotions began by developing proprietary software that serves the interests of both the artist (songwriter) and radio stations alike. It delivers to the radio program directors a DPK (Digital Press Kit) in both 320kbps MP3s and WAV formats for listening and downloading. It supplies those PD’s with direct links to visit an artist’s website, ample background material on the artists such as a brief bio, artwork, songwriters and publishers info, and so forth. It is an invaluable tool for distributing a client’s music to the world at large.

    Following Stephen Wrench’s four-decade career working with artists as diverse as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Lady Gaga, and Tommy Tutone, he began focusing on a solution that services the interests of both the artists and radio stations alike. Stephen Wrench, company CEO, was guided by musicians needs and desire as well as those of radio. Bringing her business and marketing expertise Steve and Rhonda Wrench founded Musik and Film in 2010.

    An airplay radio promotion company is only as successful as the artists it promotes, and Musik Radio Promotions underpin their success with a broad love for all musical styles and genres. Their radio promotion packages are tailored to each client, it’s not just a one size fits all approach. Packages are clearly delineated rather than laid out as nebulous goals with no yardsticks to measure. It provides the artist/writer 24/7 access to who, where, what, when the song was downloaded and played anywhere in the world offering complete transparency.

    World Indie Chart.

    Euro Chart –

    Musik Radio Promotions gets measurable, objective results.  Many artists are able to chart on well-respected entities such as The World Indie Chart and Euro Indie Chart. This world exposure increases an artist’s audience, web presence and likelihood of successful tours.

    Testimonial after testimonial down the years is rife with respect for the company’s stature as one of the best airplay radio promotion companies to use today.

    Other services offered are Music Production, Video Production, and Print Media.

    So now you’ve recorded a song?  Avail yourself of what Stephen and Rhonda Wrench and the professionals they have at their disposal can do for you and Get Your Music Heard!

    Stephen Wrench –

    Rhonda Wrench –

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