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    Ron(nie) Anderson’s New Album will Change Your Perspective Towards Life


    Check out Ron(nie) Anderson’s New Album Today!

    Enid, OK – Ron(nie)Brittan Anderson’s new album “Rock’n Dem Blues” is a Down Home,  Foot Stomping, Rock and Blues album that is fun and at the same time also enlightening.  Anderson’s new album has been influenced by the music and life lessons learned through the lyrics of the great Rock and Blues of the past and especially those of the ’60s and ’70s. This album is like riding a wild amusement park ride and when you get to the end, you want to get right back on and go again!

    This album takes the listener through a journey of past wisdom embedded in Rock and Blues and through life lessons learned, the music and lyrics then brings the listener back to the present moment and offers a new and fresh perspective toward life.

    This album then skyrockets the listener into the future with new insight, perspective, and mindset gained through the music and lyrics in this Rock’n Dem Blues album to be released in 2023 along with a video featuring the song “Long, Long, Gone”!

    The music with the howling harmonica creates a unique blend with the acoustic and electric lead guitars are sure to please, along with the insightful lyrics proves to be a winning combination that reminds us how cool and beautiful it is to once again love, live, learn and enjoy life through music.

    From the haunting, yet encouraging and ever reminding lyrics of the song “Forever” and the intense Rock and Blues music of the song entitled  “The Time is Now”  to the incredible love songs including “All My Love” and several acoustic blues tunes scattered throughout, including “Ain’t Got No Worries”, there is something for everyone and this album visits the common ups and downs of life and reminds us that there are no flowers without the rain.

    The artist connects the listeners with a common human bond through the powerful music and the simple yet impactful lyrics that tell us, through the persona of “Frankie” and (his or her) Hound Dog, that we are not alone and together we can overcome!

    The album features Dave “Dogg” Skinner (founder of Three Legged Monkey Band) with his musical and engineering talents and also shares along with other musicians such as Cecilia (CC) Daugherty (vocals) on the song “Forever” and Rob Johnson (drums) on the tune “ All my Love” [tribute to the life of Kurt Cobain] who have come together to help Ron(nie) create some great music and pass on a few words of encouragement and offer wisdom on how to live life to the fullest.

    The lyrics speak about the crests and troughs of this journey called life and how we overcome.  The album is structured in a way through the blend of these amazing musical styles every song addresses with a story, a common human concern and each song offers a “soul-u-tion” to these concerns.

    ”I like Ronnie’s music because i was raised in Louisiana on the Blues with the sad endings. I like Ronnie’s ROCK’N DEM BLUES music because of the positive spins he puts in his songs and I love the high energy footstompin’ music!!!”  Ricky Walker

    Anderson believes and knows the tragedy’s of loss of lives, love, addictions and other common life problems and is on a quest to let others know “we” (together)  can rise above and “we” can overcome through the perspective of love, and through hope, optimism and the fresh perspective and this album will encourage the listener to keep on pushing ahead toward a successful life!

    In Ron’s new upcoming this Rock and Blues album not only captivates the listeners through its positive musical energy but also reaches the hearts’ of the listeners with the deep meanings behind the lyrics that offer solutions to problems (we do not intentional find ourselves in) and that are common to all people.

    Ron Anderson, native of Enid, Oklahoma, grew up on the streets in Oklahoma City.  As a youth and an adult,  Anderson has lived a colorful, sometimes tragic and also a wholesome life. He is a judo and aikido martial arts teacher for the last 40 years and is also a licensed professional counselor, author of the book “Stop an Attack” and advocate of 12 step recovery for over 43 years (one day at a time).  Ronnie loves camping, fishing and playing music and hanging out with friends and family.

    Anderson has spent a great part of his life researching the roots of human problems in order to solve his own life problems and then reaching out to other people in need and involving others about how a learn-and-grow environment can be instilled.

    The artist wants to convey the message to the listener that the smallest and simplest things (that are love based) can make the greatest difference in our (and others) spiritual, emotional and mental lifestyle. Then by reaching out to help others; we find the life we save may be our own!

    The new album “Rock’n Dem Blues” is set to be released in early 2023. Anderson’s previous album called “Lonely in Paradise” is a tribute to hope, hope for those that are lost or have suffered loss and yet it focuses on an elated note that through love and hope and through proper perspective and choice we find our way.

    Throughout the album and especially in the spiritually and emotionally comforting song that love is “4ever”, the listener is guided through life that often seems uncertain and unpredictable.

    The songs then gently lead the listener to the bright side of life as it steers the listeners through the storms of life. The album then takes the listener to a safe harbor and leaves them with an understanding that no matter how dark the way may seem, the light of hope through love always gets us through. Ron reminds us that success in life is all about loving, giving, perception and mindset!

    As for Ron Anderson’s new album Rock’n Dem Blues, Ron often says, “sometimes when you have the flu of the soul called the blues, sometimes you just have to “Rock’n Dem Blues” and that is what this new album is all about, “Rock’n Dem Blues” Baby, Rock’n Dem Blues!


    Ron Anderson has been playing music since he was a kid and continues to play the same acoustic guitar his Dad bought him over 50 years ago. Ron always has had an inclination towards helping people in need. Not only does he use music as a conduit to reach and help others out of misery or struggles, he goes out on the streets and tries his best to relate to people’s common problems and offer simple solutions so that they too can be better equipped to solve them.  Ron wants to send the message to the listener that no situation is hopeless and that we can “Learn to Live “well” before we Die” and we recovery from life’s problems are always possible and through this process we can become happy, joyous and free and as we can learn to live in the present moment and accepting life on life’s terms we will overcome; that is what his music and this album is all about; “Rock’n Dem Blues”!


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