Sabrina Monique Drops New Single/Video


White Plains, New York native Sabrina Monique is forging a career on her terms. She isn’t relying on a team of crack songwriters to supply her with a voice. “It Was Always You” hits as a thoroughly personal performance that doesn’t need anything beyond Sabrina’s creative vision to find success. It is a tune poised to appeal to a wide swath of the pop music-listening public rather than appealing to a narrow niche audience. Young and old alike can find merit in this example of first-class songwriting.


Monique is a fiery performer, never overwrought, and the symmetry shared between her vocal and the musical arrangement helps carry the song over the finish line. Many performers try imposing their voice over a song rather than working with the material. Not Sabrina. She’s one of the most attentive pop singers working today, and she pays the right amount of attention to the music that pushes it toward a more complete performance.

The bass and drum tandem powering the song is its indisputable musical highlight. The song’s rhythmic power connects with listeners in an immediate way, and the track sustains that pattern without ever exhausting listeners. It keeps you moving without drawing your attention away from Sabrina’s singing and lyrical content. She’s noted for her unique style of delivery. However, Sabrina is far from one note as she shows a decidedly broader range than much of her press might lead you to believe.

The video for the song shows more of her range. She is an engaging visual performer, and it unquestionably translates well to live performances. She certainly has the voice to carry such moments. It’s clear that the camera loves her. Excellent wardrobe choices further accentuate her presence throughout the clip, and she’s juxtaposed against several set pieces that further highlight her natural beauty.

Lyrically, Sabrina writes with clear experience about love’s disappointments with just the right balance between cutting bitterness, self-realization, and understated heartache. The song would not exist without heartbreak at its core. She has chosen to move on instead of wallowing in it, and the defiant vigor she brings to the song’s writing is special.

It is a special single as a whole. Coupled with its attendant video, “It Was Always You” is a fully realized pop song. Sabrina Monique is confounding conventional wisdom about what young female pop stars can look like and accomplish, and it is based on one central premise gloriously proven right – the cream will always rise to the top. She makes her impact felt in a big way with this song that will continue for years.

Trace Whittaker