Tia Penny talks creating new music ‘Joyride’ 



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Titled Track: Joyride (Sept 16, 2022)

Explain in depth of how you went about your latest track?

I went about my latest track though my amazing producer, A Diamond Heart Production! I was introduced to Vanessa Silberman through B squared, and had such a great experience recording. We flew to New York and spent two days working on two songs in the studio where I sang and played all the parts. 

How did you discover this was the music you wanted to make next?

I discovered this was the music I wanted to make next as I had to choose which couple of songs to start with from all that I’ve written. 

This was my first time recording, and I wanted to choose songs that were close to my heart.

Creating a rhythm for your music is important, how did you go about it? 

I went with the flow of the song to create the rhythm. Joyride is in 4/4 time and, interestingly, You will be found in 3/4 time.

Did you want to take your time when making this music or did you just want to get it out NOW? 

I wanted to take my time with these songs and do it right, especially since it is my first time recording. We had to learn all the steps from recording to profiting to distributing, and wanted to do it right. 

Who is responsible for making this music happen overall? 

I find myself to be responsible to push myself and keep writing at all times. My family helps with the distribution, branding and social media. 

What is the turning point for you when it’s time to perform this music LIVE?

The turning point is always the audience with LIVE performances. I just read my audience and get energized by them. 

Turn on the sound and let’s get LOUD! Where can fans listen to your music and maybe get a LIVE jam session from you! We know they’d love to get jam out with you! 

To hear me live, I play my music all around the Phoenix area. The best way to stay updated with me is to search for “tiapennysings” on all platforms. Or go to Tiapenny.com for all the links and performance information. 

My first song “Joyride” comes out on Spotify, Apple Music etc on September 16!

Tia Penny is an Arizona-based singer/ songwriter/ musician with an exceptional range of talent for such a young age. She recorded her first two singles in New York City at A Diamond Heart Production and her first release, “Joyride” is scheduled for September 2022. 

As a young teen, she had National and local TV spots, and was chosen as a TEDx speaker/performer for a distinguished Arizona University. She studied classical guitar and vocals at her local Arts School. Her wealth of experience gives her an ease on stage. 

Once you hear Tia Penny’s velvety voice, guitar artistry and inspired lyrics, you will be moved. 

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