“Tickin’” by Jeremy Parsons


There’s a storm raging somewhere on the Front Range, and it’s driven by a divine set of pulsations strung together in the most epic of fashions. With the force of a thousand winds combining all at once, Jeremy Parsons is slicing through the dark and depraved landscape of today’s popular music with his alt-country anthem “Tickin’,” and regardless of the weather wherever you might be, it’s got the power to transport you to a place of rip-roar catharsis that so many modern country songs try to take us too but, admittedly, so very few ever can.

URL: https://jeremyparsonsmusic.com/

After years of penning material for his pleasure and honing his skills from the shadows of the underground, Jeremy Parsons is making it very clear that he’s ready for the limelight of the primetime stage in “Tickin’,” and if you had any doubts about an underground performer breaking out of the crowded talent pool that Nashville is boasting in 2022, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised at what this experimental talent is capable of. 

Let’s start by breaking down this master mix. In comparison to its counterparts in both commercial and indie country, it’s well-defined and sophisticated without coming across as overtly intellectual, egocentric, or self-indulgent, but to be perfectly honest, I get the feeling that this song wasn’t necessarily crafted with steady radio rotation in mind.

This has a heavy alternative rock influence you can appreciate from the onset of the track forward, but there’s a flexibility to the framework here that leads me to believe that this single was always meant to be heard live and in person, where Parsons would be able to soak up all of the energized emotion that a packed concert hall could provide him. The textures leave enough room so that the track could be extended into a ten-minute jam if Parsons and his backing band saw fit, and as someone who is addicted to indie country/rock, I think that it might make this song even more engrossing than it already is. This is nonetheless a legitimate hit as a single, but it makes me curious to see its singer on stage for myself sometime soon. 

Country just got a little sexier this autumn thanks to this contribution from Jeremy Parsons, who is playing like he’s been in this game for more than a couple of seasons in this Grade-A single. Tracks like is one can be some of the hardest tracks that an artist will ever record because they’re not just about reintroducing yourself to the fans, but more relevantly, they’re typically a shot at something no one else is willing or brave enough to pursue. Parsons won me over big time with “Tickin’,” and something tells me that it’s only a glimpse into what he could come up with if given the proper room to grow and the right backing to make the music that truly represents who he is as a composer. This is a terrific start, and by now, most of you know that I’m not the only one saying as much. 

Trace Whittaker