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    “We Can’t Fail” by The One Tonic

    In their new single “We Can’t Fail,” The One Tonic explore complex new wave influences with an attitude unfortunately not common in alternative rock these days, and despite some formulaic elements in the construction of the track, its melodies outshine many of the more widely-discussed releases in rock’s mainstream scene lately. “We Can’t Fail” is a rather simple single when you break it down, with a lot of cerebral influence in its cosmetics and the flow of its lyrics, and though it’s not the only indie rocker worth getting excited about right now, it’s definitely among my personal favorites to come from an unknown source. 

    There’s a lot of emphasis on the melodic parts in this mix despite the industrial edge in the production style, and you could make the argument that the song is centered on juxtaposition because of its awkward instrumental balance. This isn’t to suggest that “We Can’t Fail” is somehow lacking on the lyrical front but more to note how important the noise behind the vocal is. There’s passion, in one form or another, coming at us from every angle here, and only through the unevenness of the arrangement are we given some context through which we can better understand the message of the lyrics 

    There’s a lot of remix potential here, and I think club-goers who hear this song will agree with me. The harmonies act as a bedrock to the grooves, and were The One Tonic to alter the sharper elements of the track but leave their supple textures right where they are here, I think “We Can’t Fail” would be even more danceable than it is now. There’s a ton of versatility in the structure of this single, and if they wanted to, Matt Soren could transform this composition into a nightclub anthem at the snap of a finger. 

    “We Can’t Fail” has great production value, and better yet, there’s nothing plasticized about the soul of its melodicism. I get the impression that it was important to keep things as raw as possible in this track without sacrificing any of the tonality that makes Soren’s overall sound both unique and accessible to listeners. He’s got a great blueprint for making quality alternative music, and if he can refine it a bit more, he’ll be hard for many of his rivals to compete with. 

    A legit underground gem that doesn’t ask anything from its audience other than a few minutes of undivided attention, The One Tonic’s “We Can’t Fail” is a must-listen for indie rock enthusiasts everywhere as 2023 gets started. In terms of creating a buzz-worthy indie release, Matt Soren has scored a slam dunk with this track – and left me very curious for more. There’s a lot of amazing material slated to come out of the underground in the year ahead, but if you don’t take some time out to hear “We Can’t Fail” this January 19th, you’ll be missing out on one of the more intriguing tracks of its kind to debut this winter. 

    Trace Whittaker

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