4 Classic Shows Streaming on Freevee


In addition to streaming originals like the Neighbours: A New Chapter reboot and the instant classic reality-scripted hybrid Jury Duty, Freevee has a boatload of shows for TV fans’ viewing pleasures.

Here are four the best shows from the 2000s that are available to stream now on the platform.

1. Alias (2001-06)

ABC/Everett Collection

Jennifer Garner became a mega-star as globe-trotting spy Sydney Bristow in this action-packed ABC series that dazzled viewers as a butt-kicking breath of fresh air. The espionage drama launched with Sydney discovering she was working not for the Feds but for a sprawling crime syndicate. She becomes a double agent for the CIA as she fights to take down the bad guys. The jaw-dropping twists (her best friend was replaced with a doppelgänger!) and heart-stopping cliffhangers never ceased.

2. Desperate Housewives (2004-12)

Danny Feld/Everett Collection

Wisteria Lane may seem picture-perfect, but behind the curtains of its tranquil homes lurks a storm of secrets and lies. This addictive ABC soap explored the scandalous lives of the cul-de-sac’s residents (played by Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and others), who grappled with clandestine affairs, vengeful neighbors, supermarket holdups and dead bodies stuffed in freezers. And you thought your neighborhood gossip was juicy!

3. Lost (2004-10)

Mario Perez/ABC/Everett Collection

This ABC drama about plane crash survivors stuck on a mysterious, magical tropical island (with a scary smoke monster!) changed the game for network TV. The show featured serialized storytelling, complex mythology, time travel and flashbacks offering insight into the characters’ traumatic pasts. “We have to go back!” Jack (Matthew Fox) pleaded with Kate (Evangeline Lilly) after the two were finally rescued from the island. Fans will no doubt agree!

4. Weeds (2005-12)

Sheryl Nields/© SHOWTIME/Everett Collection

Years before Walter White morphed into a ruthless drug kingpin on Breaking Bad, Mary-Louise Parker’s alluring Nancy Botwin transformed herself from a wisecracking widowed suburban housewife to a marijuana-dealing dynamo in Showtime’s dark comedy. The iced coffee-slurping soccer mom builds her pot empire while engaging in troubling, risky behavior like dating a DEA agent, burning down her house to cover her tracks and becoming involved with a Mexican cartel boss.

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