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    ‘Barry’ Stars on Jim’s Smorgasbord, The Raven & More

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Barry Season 4 Episode 6, “The Wizard.”]

    Barry (Bill Hader), after the post-time jump in the final season of the dark comedy, has returned to Los Angeles with a plan: kill Gene (Henry Winkler) after getting word of the movie being made about him with his former acting teacher consulting.

    After listening to podcasts about whether or not murder is OK and buying a gun, Barry does end the episode approaching Gene’s open front door. But then someone puts a bag over his head … and he comes to, in front of Jim (Robert Wisdom), whose daughter he killed. So what’s coming for Barry, not that he’s in that garage?

    “I get to make a nine-course meal out of this. He’s in the garage, and we know what that means, and I don’t know whether I want to do it through his mind or through his body,” Wisdom tells TV Insider. “And so it’s a rare smorgasbord for ol’ Jim.”

    But what if Barry had made it through Gene’s front door? “I would had to have changed my pants,” Winkler says.

    Henry Winkler in 'Barry'

    Merrick Morton/HBO

    Elsewhere in the episode, Fuches (Stephen Root) is out of prison and fully embracing his identity as the Raven. (He even uses that name to order coffee.) As he tells Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan), his priority is to get Barry alone in a room with him and his guys. But is Fuches ready to kill Barry?

    “At that point, when he’s become the Raven, he has his gang back. His gang has come back to get him. He’s decided he wants a girlfriend. He gets one immediately,” Root says. “He is ready and willing and able and only wants to kill Barry at that point.”

    Meanwhile, Hank may have his own company, but does he have a chance of being happy with reminders of Cristobal (Michael Irby) everywhere? Like the rest of the characters, “Hank’s on this mission [like] many of the other characters [are] to get what they’ve been looking for, even if what they’ve been looking for is counterproductive to even their own happiness,” Carrigan explains.

    “They’re just going and going and going. And I think Hank can’t afford to stop. He can’t afford to look back and to wonder if he made the right decision. I think he’s just completely in survival mode,” he adds. “I think Hank is telling himself a certain version of the story and one that’s not necessarily true.”

    With the series winding down — only two episodes to go! — how long can he keep doing that?

    Barry, Sundays, 10/9c, HBO

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