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    Bell’s Good News Is Bad for Task Force in ‘Organized

    Detective Jamie Whelan (Brent Antonello) may be in for bad news about more than just his morning coffee soon on Law & Order: Organized Crime after TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the November 17 episode.

    The clip begins with Jamie in the break room, watching the coffee drip and complaining to Detective Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez), “we’ve been on the moon. Mankind has walked on the moon, and this is still the cutting edge of coffee-making? I don‘t get it.”

    But “some say the moon landing was a hoax to spook the Russians,” Bobby remarks. “Some people are morons,” Jamie says.

    Detective Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger) joins them with “what’s up, colleagues?” and Bobby asks if she thinks the moon landing was real or not. “Who says there’s even a moon?” she replies.

    But Jet is soon distracted by a closed-door meeting going on in Sergeant Ayanna Bell’s (Danielle Moné Truitt) office — even though, as the latter points out, “around here, a closed door sends a message.” Watch the sneak peek above to see why that’s necessary.

    In “Whipping Post,” when Pearl (Camilla Belle) falls mysteriously ill, the task force is dragged back into the corruption of New York’s first casino development. Plus, Bell tries to keep rumors from swirling when an important decision must be made.

    And this is just another instance of more going on than every member of the task force may realize, as Gonzalez previously told us. “He’s gonna realize that there’s a lot of other things happening between everyone that isn’t as settled as he thought it would be. I think he thought coming into the squad that things were gonna be settled and that this was gonna be one singular unit just literally destroying the underworld of New York City,” he said. “But it isn’t gonna be that simple because there [are] a lot of other moving parts within each person’s life that doesn’t make that one cohesive unit moving forward.”

    Law & Order: Organized Crime, Thursdays, 10/9c, NBC

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