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    Big Payoffs and More Coming in ‘The Curse of Oak

    Talk about a gold mine: Treasure-hunting brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, partner Craig Tester and their expedition experts are heading into their ninth season of successfully scouring Nova Scotia’s historic Oak Island for artifacts and supposed buried treasure in The Curse of Oak Island.

    Cable’s top nonfiction series has a cult following for a reason: “Curse is an aspirational show about down-to-earth people doing something that is extraordinary — something that we all wish we had the opportunity to do,” says exec producer Joe Lessard. If you aren’t hooked yet, now is the perfect time. Here’s why.

    Rick Marty Lagina The Curse of Oak Island

    (Credit: History)

    Precious metals are in play!

    Last season, geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner tested materials near the spot they call the Money Pit, discovering that a “Gerhart dump truck” haul of silver is underground. “The silver is just the tip of the potential treasure iceberg,” teases Lessard. In Season 9’s two-hour opener, Spooner is back with news that is even more Au-some.

    More payoffs are coming

    The Canadian island’s mysterious stone pathway and swamp, which might hold a sunken ship, are just two of the other sites primed for possible major finds. The hunters believe there is treasure all over Oak Island, after all. “I think Season 9 is going to be validation of [that] theory,” Lessard says. “This story could be as magical as the most romantic theories that have been proposed.”

    A new challenge makes things interesting

    This year, the Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage, which oversees archeology in Nova Scotia, is requiring the team to submit permits and requesting to monitor excavations. “On one hand, this is potentially a roadblock to discovery,” the producer admits of the red tape.“On the other hand, these guys have convinced everyone, [including] the authorities, that Oak Island is a special place and has incredible secrets.”

    The Curse of Oak Island, Season 9 Premiere, Tuesday, November 2, 9/8c, History

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