Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Duck Hunting


If the happenings at Sunny Days were of interest to you, then Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8 was the hour for you!

Beau, Jenny, and Cassie descended upon Sunny Days as the bodies kept piling up and the suspect list grew larger and larger.

You often watch crime dramas and try to figure out who the killer is alongside the good guys. But we, as the audience, already know who did what, so we get to sit back, relax, and see how everything shakes out. 

Picture Time - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8

One thing about the team of Beau, Jenny, and Poppenak is that they get stuff done.

They’re up there for a handful of hours and make all sorts of progress putting the pieces together. And even though they’re being lied to by everyone more than they are told the truth, they still end the hour, capturing the biggest piece of all.

A Tense Moment - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8

Walter has literally been getting away with murder out in those woods. He’s been doing whatever he wants, knowing that mommy dearest will protect him when things go wrong. But meeting Paige has affected the disturbed man, who’s much more interested in being her lapdog, more than anything.

I’m not actually sure what Paige’s endgame is here besides wanting that money. She sets Luke up to die, and she all but begs the man who seemingly kidnapped her to run away with her, and I think she meant it. If there is a long con at work here, I’m as gullible as Walter because she seems pretty genuine.

Or maybe she just realizes that with Luke gone, everything falls on her, and it’s better to have someone on her side than be all alone.

But it ends up not mattering when Walter is content to turn himself over, and doesn’t that present a rather interesting predicament for Sunny, who finds herself for the first time out of the loop?

Sunny has been pulling the strings since Walter showed up with a dying Mark, but her biggest mistake was her unwillingness to fully cut off Walter. She knows he’s dangerous and what he’s capable of, but he’s still her son.

Sunny Barnes - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 1

And she seems wracked with tremendous guilt that leaves her unable to process anything involving Walter logically.

Buck doesn’t kill Mary because of Walter directly, but Mary, even questioning Sunny in the first place, goes back to Paige, which goes back to Walter, who Sunny and Buck don’t even realize has been shacking up with Paige all this time.

Buck is clearly over Sunny’s devotion to Walter, especially when it comes at the expense of the family and the life she has built with Buck.

Cormac appears to be a pretty dutiful son they raised well, yet Sunny doesn’t treat him with a ton of respect. He’s often chastised and talked down to, and that attitude, coupled with their overall shadiness drives him to that attic.

And his little flirtmance with Cassie might have a little something to do with that as well.

Looking Through Boxes - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8

Buck was right to want to bring Cormac into the fold at this point because it’s pretty apparent that keeping him in the dark isn’t doing anyone any favors. The bodies keep coming at this point, and Cormac should find out what’s going on from them rather than Cassie or anyone else.

You grow up thinking you know your parents, but you forget they had whole lives before you were even born.

Cormac [to Cassie]

You can never be sure on Big Sky who’s good because so often everyone is terrible, but Cormac seems like a decent human being who’s just a little confused right now.

He loves his parents, I’m sure he does, but I’d be super curious to see what he’d do if he had the complete picture. Keeping the baby stuff from Cassie shows that, at the very least, he’s willing to give his parents some slack and hope they’ll let him in more.

But if Sunny has anything to say about it, she’d rather go to the grave than admit to another soul the complicated dynamics of her relationship with Walter.

She’ll be on the warpath now that Walter’s in custody, but what can she do without compromising the biggest secret?

Cabin Conversations - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8

It’ll be interesting to see what Walter does because, on the one hand, it’s easy to see him being quiet and not putting all of Sunny’s business on front street. But on the other hand, if he’s in love with Paige, his main goal may be to help her and to hell with everyone else.

Plus, there’s the potential he’s the bleeding hearts killer on top of everything else.

Wouldn’t that be heartbreaking for Sunny, who watched her family implode all for Walter, only to see him choose a woman he met a handful of days ago over her?

Love is a funny thing.

Speaking of crippling family secrets, though, Avery has a BIG secret that comes out as soon as Buck smells just the tiniest bit of blood.

Introductions Made - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 1

I’m surprised Beau doesn’t have an Avery file somewhere, not even because he’s jealous but simply because the guy spends so much time with his daughter and is clearly full of it. Beau has always read him correctly, but he’s such a good cop that he doesn’t even pounce on him until he has the correct information to do so.

I knew Avery was hiding something because it couldn’t have been more obvious he was after that stolen money. And it’s not shocking that Carla knew nothing because Avery seems like the guy that operates in half-truths. And a charge of misleading investors would back that claim right up.

It’s obvious that something sinister is happening in those woods, and it’s not safe, yet Avery STILL goes through an evidence bag to get Paige’s journal and steal the pages he would need to crack the code.

And now that he has them, what’s next?

Paige is missing, and Luke is dead, yet he feels it’s best to hold onto the key to millions of dollars. Not exactly the best plan! Donno and Tonya are onto him, so they might get to him before Possum and Tony.

And they’ll probably be more liable to keep him alive.

Even if Avery finds his way out of the mess he created, it certainly feels like the deaths are far from over.

Odds and Ends

  • I’m no officer of the law, but is it normal to leave evidence bags out in the open for anyone to just walk up and look through? Wasn’t there a vehicle or something in which the cops could have locked the bags?
  • I’ve been a massive fan of the way the episodes have alternated between the camp stuff and the cases of the week, but I’m okay with the singular focus on the camp stuff when it’s this compelling and fun.

Ready To Meet - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

  • Tonya and Donno love to play in the faces of the police, and it’s pretty funny. Tonya, especially, has a way of just getting right under everyone’s skin and nestling herself there.
  • Donno is in love with Tonya. That’s confirmed now, right?
  • It’s easy to assume that Walter killed Luke, even though his death occurs off-screen. But is it possible that someone else could have done it?
  • I am so close to my dream of REBA, Jensen Ackles, and Darius Rucker sharing a scene. All those fake smiles while they size each other up. I have to hope Big Sky wouldn’t squander the opportunity to have them all breathe the same air at the same time.

New Man In Town - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

  • Are we ever going to see Jenny’s mom again and see what Tonya and Donno want with her?

This hour was delicious, setting us up for the fast-approaching annual mini-midseason break that will take us away from the woods for a little while.

A Walter with nothing to lose may be the most dangerous of all, and I’m incredibly interested to see what his next move is!

Let me know what you think Walter will do in the comments and your thoughts about the episode! And watch Big Sky online right now so you can join the conversation!

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