Blake Shelton Teases Gwen Stefani Face-Off & New Games in Season 2


Bonkers bar games, Round 2! Carson Daly, host Nikki Garcia and Blake Shelton (above) are subjecting more celebrities (paired with infamous-on-the-internet teammates) to one of the silliest competitions out there. Set at Shelton’s bar Ole Red in Nashville, Barmageddon invites Rob Riggle, Boyz II Men, Ice-T, Nikki Glaser and more to belly up to games like Sharts (that would be “Shelton Darts”…with axes). We put a few questions to Blake.

You’ve got new games, including the relay race Talk Derby to Me and a Tic Tac Throwdown with massive red party cups. What is Fool’s Ball?

Blake Shelton: Foosball is for college bars. Fool’s Ball is for Barmageddon. Teams are strapped onto [life-size] foosball poles; they’re joined by Carson and myself, who are their goalies. We play one nonstop four-minute game. No flags on the play, no time-outs, no penalties. But we do add one ball every minute for an extravaganza of high-scoring chaos.

And Air Cannon Cornhole returns with more firepower.

We dreamed up the cornhole Gatling gun [that shoots bean bags]. Since one didn’t exist, we built it ourselves.

Losing teams can earn a point by tasting something from the Wheel of Redemption. What’s the most diabolical item you’re adding?

We brought back a couple classics because who doesn’t want to make their friends sweat? But this season we have the Truck Stop Martini—blue cheese soda, vodka and a blue cheese olive. We also invented the “Horeo,” which is creamy horseradish in between two chocolate sandwich cookies.

Would you say Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Rodriguez are evenly matched in the premiere—at least until Kelly’s tequila kicks in?

In Barmageddon, no one has an advantage: You can’t practice our games, and we don’t let anyone try them before they come to Nashville. Kelly might have thought she had an advantage because she knows me, but you’d be crazy to count Michelle out. Pretty sure she can kick anyone’s ass just by staring at them.

What should we expect when you take on your wife, Gwen Stefani?

Gwen and I both lost to our competition in Season 1, so when I play her, only one of us can redeem ourselves. Will I have to sleep in the guest room after this episode? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Barmageddon, Season 2 Premiere Monday, November 13, 11/10c, USA

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