Chase Stokes Teases John B & Sarah’s Uncertain Future in Season 4


The Pogues will be setting sail on their next adventure in Outer Banks Season 4, but the chill, consequence-free life they once knew is no more. Despite an 18-month time jump, John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) will still be dealing with the fallout of the Season 3 finale in Season 4.

“Anytime you experience loss, it hits in spaces and in places that you don’t anticipate,” Stokes tells PEOPLE. “Being in the situation that John B and Sarah are in, it really will force them to evaluate everything. Where they are, what their purpose is, what their intentions are, and what was the actual value of it? Was it worth it, in hindsight? If they could go back and change things, would they? Or do they feel okay with it?”

Sarah and John B lost their fathers on the same day and had to watch them die in front of their eyes. Ward (Charles Esten) and Big John (Charles Halford) died in Venezuela during the dangerous hunt to find El Dorado, a.k.a. the City of Gold. Sarah and John B remained united despite the double tragedies, but they will be tested in Season 4, along with the rest of the Pogues.

Stokes notes that John B, Sarah, and the rest of the crew have faced a “huge shift” in their lives in a “very, very short period of time.” He adds, “And I think when you go through that level of trauma, for sure, it’ll make you start asking those deeper questions.”

While the cast and writers of Outer Banks have remained mostly tight-lipped about Season 4 spoilers, the last moments of the Netflix hit’s Season 3 finale hinted at the next big adventure.

After being honored for solving the 500-year-old mystery of the Royal Merchant shipwreck and discovering the location of El Dorado, the Pogues got their next gig. They were tasked with locating the missing ship of Edward Teach, better known as the notorious pirate Blackbeard.

Outer Banks, Season 4, TBD, Netflix

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