Days of Our Lives Round Table: A Heartfelt Horton Holiday


The explosion at Susan’s memorial led to no fatalities but brought Nicole and EJ closer and led to Ava’s mental meltdown. Eric devised an extreme plan to thwart Kristen. And after all that, we still enjoyed a Horton Family Christmas.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Silvananoir from My Hourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate the explosion aftermath, if Ava’s faking it, who has the best kid in Salem, and if they enjoyed their Horton holiday this week on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Rate this year’s Horton Family Christmas from 1 (So disappointed!) to 10 (Loved it!)

Silvananoir: 7. I enjoyed it a lot, but without Missy, something was missing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cady McClain, and she’s doing a great job. But Missy will always be Jennifer; without her, the Horton Family Christmas didn’t hit me quite the same way.

Jack: I’ll give it a 5.5. On the one hand, we did have more of a Christmas than we have in a while. But it felt very low-key and subdued, and I thought it was cruel to make Gwen stand there and watch everyone else participate.

Christine: I’m giving it a 7. It honored the losses of the year (Abigail’s death, Lani in prison, and Jennifer’s addiction). Yet, we still got to celebrate a very heartfelt Christmas with family and friends and the traditional hanging of the ornaments.

It’s must not Christmas to me without the Horton tree ornaments. It’s been an annual event my entire life! I liked that Sarah gave Xander his ornament, even if we are left to wonder if they’ll still be hanging it next year.

And unfortunately, Gwen will have to wait for Jennifer to give her an official ornament since Jack is only a Horton through marriage. It wouldn’t surprise me if that eventually happens.

Julie Gets a Christmas Surprise - Days of Our Lives

No one died or was seriously injured due to the explosion at Susan’s memorial. Were you happy with the aftermath?

Silvananoir: Lame. I didn’t want anyone to die this close to Christmas, but I wanted there to be bigger consequences. Just forcing Ava to be in town and a threat to Xander is the real goal, but still, it feels like a waste.

Jack: I was disappointed that no one brought up the last time this happened to Nicole! This scenario seemed similar to the explosion at the warehouse where Brady dragged Eric out and Nicole supposedly “died.”

EJ was one of the people being resurrected at that warehouse too. With all that history, SOMEONE should have mentioned something.

Xander's Recent Past - Days of Our Lives

Also, Eric and Rafe’s realization that they do care about Nicole after she almost died was too short-lived. It was like they saw her with EJ and shrugged their shoulders. What was that???

Finally, it felt like Ava’s exit was abrupt. She survived, she acted psychotic, and she got shipped off to Bayview. The end. What happened to her being the only one who can reveal that Xander kidnapped Bonnie and Susan?

Christine: I’m relieved no one died. There’s been a lot of death in Salem this year, and we didn’t need more at Christmas.

I liked the way the explosion moved some things forward. EJ’s feelings for Nicole have grown. And now everyone knows just how mentally unstable Ava has become. And that gives Xander a reprieve for Christmas. Overall, I’m satisfied.

Sparks Fly - Days of Our Lives

What do you think of Eric’s plan to kidnap Rachel in order to one-up Kristen? Should Brady have agreed?

Silvananoir: It’s a stupid plan, and Brady and Eric are idiots. I agree that something must be done about Kristen, but this is where you go to John and Steve and come up with a plan.

We just had a kidnapping, and everyone in town knows how that ended. I get that Brady is desperate, and Eric feels like a big man now that he’s banging Sloan, but this is moronic.

Jack: Ugh. This is so out of character for Eric. And is it really a kidnapping if Brady gives Eric permission to take Rachel on a trip?

Brady Confides in Eric - Days of Our Lives

Eric is right that this is how to hit Kristen where it hurts, and I am thrilled that Kristen’s rape of him has not been forgotten, but I still don’t like this story.

Christine: There are so many ways for this to backfire. Worst of all, it’s unfair to use Rachel as a pawn in the middle of this horrific game.

Brady should have gone to his father for help, not Eric, who thinks he’s smarter and a better person than he is.

And this could blow up in Brady’s face because Kristen is a master at twisting things to fit her own narrative. Rachel could end up hating Brady and bonding even more with her Mom.

Ava's Nervous Breakdown - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Ava’s mental breakdown is real, or is she faking it to avoid having to pay for her crimes?

Silvananoir: Ava has always had issues, this is a part of her character, but I don’t think she’s faking. She’s been hallucinating Charlie for a while, and it’s clear that her mental issues have been getting worse.

Susan’s blood is on her hands, and the character needs a break before she can be on screen.

Jack: A little of both. We know she really did see and hear Charlie, but she never thought anyone else was Charlie until she was arrested, and that’s awfully convenient.

Christine: I don’t think she’s faking. Ava’s been sliding deeper into her delusions for a while now. The explosion just pushed her completely over the edge.

Ari Is Skeptical - Days of Our Lives

Who is your favorite child in Salem? (Rachel, Ari, Holly, Thomas, Charlotte, Carver, Jules.)

Silvananoir: I like Ari. We don’t really get enough of the kids. And Rachel is a mini-monster. Ari really is the best kid.

Jack: I like Thomas even though his parents really do need to teach him the difference between being curious and being nosy. I feel bad for him that he’s constantly being lied to by evil adults and getting caught up in bad things going on in his own house, though!

Worried About Rachel - Days of Our Lives

Charlotte, Carver, and Jules are purely cute. Ari has the potential to be the kind of spitfire Ciara once was, but both Rachel and Holly are obnoxious, especially Rachel!

Christine: Ari is my favorite. She’s nice with enough edge to make me believe she’s Gabi’s kid. Thomas comes in second. He’s got Chad’s looks and Abigail’s curiosity.

And I love how bratty Rachel has become. She’s the perfect combination of her awful parents.

EJ And Nicole's Fraught Moment - Days of Our Lives

Is EJ falling for Nicole? Would you like to see them together romantically?

Silvananoir: I think, as always, he’s charmed by her. No matter the actor, the characters of EJ and Nicole have always had great and fun chemistry. They are enjoyable because they aren’t saints.

Honestly, I still enjoy them and would like to see them get another shot. A real shot, though.

Jack: He is, and I wish he wouldn’t. I’m still bitter that the writers ruined Nicole and Rafe for her five-second reconciliation with Eric. I’ve shipped Nicole/Rafe since 2012, and this is what they get???

I’d much rather she and Rafe find their way back to each other. EJ abused Nicole in the past so badly that she felt she had to hide her pregnancy from him. That makes romance between them unacceptable to me, ever.

Christine: I’ve always liked EJ and Nicole together and felt they had better chemistry than EJ and Sami.

EJ doesn’t try to change Nicole. He appreciates her the way she is, flaws and all, as she does with him. They can make a fantastic couple if the writers decide to get behind them.

Paulina's Christmas Miracle - Days of Our Lives

What surprised or disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Silvananoir: Johnny and Wendy need to make up their minds about what they want to do. I can’t stand their long-suffering martyrdom about the secret they’re keeping.

We get it, your loved ones did a bad thing, and you don’t want to expose them. Either tell the truth or move on about it.

Jack: I was disappointed by how quickly the Ava story was wrapped up.

Ava Tries to Save Tripp - Days of Our Lives

I also wish Paulina would get a restraining order against Sloan already.

Finally, why did Julie have to have this petty fight with Gwen over the desserts? It was Christmas; couldn’t we have skipped that?

Christine: Paulina and Abe arguing over who will step down from their elected jobs have gotten old fast.

And is it wrong that I’m rooting for Stefan and Chloe to stay together because Chloe and Brady, and Stefan and Gabi don’t hold much appeal?

Jennifer Returns for the Ornament Hanging - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Silvananoir: Chloe shutting Kristen down. I don’t love this storyline, but I like the fact that Chloe is just so done with it. The way her eyes rolled and the look of b***ch please on her face when Kristen tried to regale her with her new life with Brady made me laugh.

Jack: I was thrilled that JJ called Jennifer to say Merry Christmas. Days of Our Lives so often pretends he doesn’t exist. I also thought Chad’s grief at the graveyard was well done.

Christine: EJ and Nicole erupting into giggles over Sister Mary Moira’s message was my favorite scene of the week.

And the Horton family Christmas really had the feel of family coming together for the holidays. It made me want to hug them all.

Eli Visits Julie - Days of Our Lives

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