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    Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 10-25-21:

    Abe Carver has been one of Salem’s most beloved residents for 40 years, as well as the longest-running Black character on daytime television.

    Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-25-21 suggest that Abe may meet an untimely end,  but don’t worry!

    This crisis is the beginning of an emotional tribute to Abe in honor of his 40th anniversary with the series.

    Spoiler Collage for the Week of 10-25-21 - Days of Our Lives

    Clips from the spoiler video suggest that there will be plenty of flashbacks from Abe’s 40 years in Salem to go with the tears as he fights for his life in surgery.

    I’d rather Days of Our Lives had celebrated Abe’s anniversary by having best friend Roman throw him a party in the Brady Pub, but the tribute should be more than worth watching.

    Days of Our Lives did this for Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie)’s 50th anniversary, minus the life-threatening drama, and it was one of my all-time favorite episodes. This tribute is sure to be just as good, despite the unnecessary drama.

    On the other hand, having Abe “walk into the light” means that he’ll be temporarily reunited with his lost love Lexie, and she was such a big part of Abe’s life for years that it doesn’t feel right to do a tribute to him without her.

    Lexie will be played by a different actress, as Renee Jones wasn’t available, but hopefully, this will be the first of many ghostly appearances for her.

    Her presence has been missed over the years,

    Among other things, it would be great if she gave Abe her blessing to move on with Paulina. Plus, there have been so many times when Theo could have used her guidance too.  I’m curious about what she has to say about their son now.

    Not into heavenly ghosts? There’s plenty of action on the Devil front and with several other storylines too! Please scroll down for spoilers.

    Kayla Tries to Revive Abe - Days of Our Lives

    Kayla tries to revive Abe.

    Abe flatlines as Kayla works on him, but not to worry.

    His “death” is temporary, so Lexie will likely send him back to Earth after he visits her in Heaven.

    According to spoilers, it’ll be a while before Abe is stable, though, which will undoubtedly be stressful for Kayla.

    Lani and Paulina Sit Vigil - Days of Our Lives

    Lani and Paulina sit vigil by Abe’s bedside.

    Whenever someone is near death on Days of Our Lives, the most emotional scenes involve family sitting by their bedside begging them to wake up.

    These scenes should be no different. But will it also wake Paulina up as to how much she’s taken it for granted that she’ll have plenty of time to tell Abe her secret.?

    If Lani can be convinced to take a coffee break, I wonder if Paulina will tell an unconscious Abe the truth.

    John Confronts the Devil! - Days of Our Lives

    John confronts the Devil.

    I’m glad John figured out what’s going on. But since he dealt with the Devil before, he should be prepared to get rid of it.

    Instead, it appears he’s spontaneously decided to confront it without backup from a priest or anyone else.

    This won’t go well. It looks like the score is going to be Devil 2, good people of Salem 0.

    EJ Gets a Surprise Visitor - Days of Our Lives

    EJ gets a surprise visitor.

    Kristen will show up on EJ’s doorstep moments after Steve stole her number off EJ’s phone.

    What a coincidence! Not.

    The question here is whether EJ will realize Nicole was involved in this and whether he will turn abusive again toward her.

    Paulina and Julie Bond - Days of Our Lives

    Paulina and Julie bond.

    Paulina and Julie’s relationship is fascinating. They go back and forth between being friends and being rivals for the twins’ attention.

    Now, though, it makes sense for them to bond.

    Julie’s husband is in Bayview and is not allowed visitors. Paulina’s fiance is in the hospital, and there’s no news. If there was ever a reason for these two women to lean on each other, this is it!

    Lucas Confronts Brady - Days of Our Lives

    Lucas confronts Brady about going into the Salem Inn with Chloe.

    Better Lucas than Philip, I guess.

    Philip is a hothead who alienates Chloe further every time he jumps to conclusions about her and Brady.

    I was hoping Lucas would get Philip to chill out, and maybe he does. But will Lucas confronting Brady go any better?

    Kristen Sneaks Off With Rachel - Days of Our Lives

    Kristen decides to sneak off with Rachel.

    Smooth move, Kristen.

    She’s already wanted for her prison break, where she was serving a sentence for attempted murder, and now she plans to add kidnapping to the list.

    She’s Rachel’s mother, but still. Right now, she has no rights to her, especially not if she plans to take her away from Brady. Luckily, spoilers suggest that Kristen’s stupidity will get her caught quickly.

    EJ Interrupts an Intimate Moment - Days of Our Lives

    EJ interrupts an intimate moment between Chad and Abigail.

    Of course, he does.

    EJ is far more devilish than the purple-faced emoticon on Marlena’s phone.  He doesn’t seem to have any purpose in life other than interfering with other people and getting under their skin.

    How long before Abby’s attempts to stand up to him turn into a night of passion, though?

    The Devil Torments John - Days of Our Lives

    The Devil torments John.

    I KNEW that John confronting the Devil alone was a bad idea.

    You’d think he’d know how to deal with this, having exorcised the creature once before.

    But that would end the storyline too quickly, so instead, the Devil will kidnap and torment him. Ugh.

    Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

    What are you looking forward to? What are you dreading?

    Hit the big,blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know!

    Are you looking to chat about already-aired episodes of Days of Our Lives? Check out the latest Days of Our Lives reviews and Days of Our Lives Round Table discussions.

    Days of Our Lives airs on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes or watch on Peacock TV after 8 PM EST/5 PM PST on weeknights.

    Jack Ori is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. His debut young adult novel, Reinventing Hannah, is available on Amazon. Follow him on Twitter.

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