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    Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 12-06-21:

    Philip’s days are numbered… or are they?

    Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 12-06-21 suggest that Philip is dead and Brady killed him. But is Philip pulling a Nick Fallon and letting everyone think he’s dead for his own reasons?

    Given Philip’s recent behavior, that’s a possibility, but how will he translate a phony death into the relationship with Chloe that he wants?

    Spoilers for the Week of 12-06-21 - Days of Our Lives

    The Days of Our Lives spoiler video stays away from the whole Philip debacle, instead focusing on another jealous lover: Sami.

    Sami’s been held captive for several months, so you’d think she’d take Lucas rushing to her rescue as a sign that they’re meant to be together. But no, according to clips in the spoiler video, Sami will rush right back to EJ… only to find him in bed with Nicole.

    Nicole and Sami look like they’re headed for another epic catfight. But does either of these women really want EJ?

    Sami can’t seem to resist Lucas’ charms, and Nicole is on the rebound after some ill-thought-out sex with Rafe.

    Meanwhile, an unconscious Brady awakens with Philip’s phone in his pocket and Philip’s blood all over him.

    This scenario screams setup. If Philip IS dead, Brady didn’t kill him.

    And chances are that Philip is not dead at all. The only question is: what does he get out of this? Sure, Brady might be arrested for Philip’s “murder,” but Philip can’t be with Chloe either under these circumstances.

    Oddly, there are no spoilers about the Devil for Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-06-21, but there is plenty else going on. Scroll down to check out the spoiler photos!

    A Gruesome Discovery - Days of Our Lives

    Chloe makes a gruesome discovery by the river.

    And so the setup begins.

    We know that Philip hit Brady over the head with a crowbar and did something or other with a knife before leaving him for Chloe to find.

    This setup is so obvious that she should see right through it, but she probably won’t.

    Rafe Questions Xander - Days of Our Lives

    Rafe questions Xander about Kristen’s disappearance.

    The Salem PD is hard at work, questioning all the wrong people.

    Xander hates Kristen and has no reason to help her escape, and Rafe was standing right there while Xander accosted Kristen about Sarah’s whereabouts. On the other hand, Gwen allowed herself to get blackmailed into helping Kristen.

    She’ll probably feel guilty about Xander getting in trouble again because of her. But will it translate into her coming clean? Probably not.

    Roman Heats Up the Romance - Days of Our Lives

    Roman treats Kate to a romantic evening.

    Yay! Some real romance between two of Salem’s favorite older characters.

    Roman needs more to do than tending bar at the Brady Pub, and Roman/Kate shippers have been hoping for a second chance for these two for over a decade.

    So far, their romance has been played perfectly. Let’s hope that continues.

    Fearing the Worst - Days of Our Lives

    New evidence makes Shawn and Chloe fear the worst about Philip.

    It looks like Shawn will find Philip’s prosthetic leg.

    Props to the writers for finally remembering Philip has one. Too bad they forgot the story behind it or that Philip is not an overgrown teenager.

    Philip is likely hiding somewhere and laughing about the cops thinking Brady killed him. How much fake grief will we have to endure before someone finds out?

    Rex Comes Home - Days of Our Lives

    Rex returns to Salem.

    Rex’s return is good news for his parents and terrible news for Gwen.

    Rex knows Sarah didn’t run off with him after all. So Gwen’s attempts to keep Kristen quiet are all for nothing now.

    Will he tell Xander the truth about Sarah before Gwen gets to him?

    Sami's Knight - Days of Our Lives

    Lucas attempts to rescue Sami.

    This attempt succeeds since the spoiler video depicts Sami coming home to a nasty surprise.

    I feel awful for Lucas. He ALWAYS runs to Sami’s rescue, but she refuses to see that, instead hitching her star to abusive EJ.

    Maybe Lucas needs to go on strike for Sami to realize that she’s throwing away the best man she’s ever known.

    Sami's Shocking Discovery - Days of Our Lives

    Sami walks in on Nicole and EJ having sex!

    After Lucas frees her, Sami immediately runs to EJ. Why?

    It doesn’t make much sense for Sami to still be attached to EJ after Lucas once again proved himself to her, but that’s what’s going to happen.

    Instead of yet another catfight with Nicole, Sami COULD decide that if EJ wants Nicole, she’ll let him have her and hook up with Lucas again. But that’s not Sami’s style, so instead, we’ll get a ton of hair-pulling, slapping, and shoving over a guy that neither woman wants with her whole heart.

    Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. What are you looking forward to? What are you dreading? What are your theories about Philip’s alleged death, Sami’s rescue, and more?

    Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts!

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