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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode

    Is the killer cruel or vicious? They’re downright evil based on their latest emotionally-heartbreaking attacks.

    We said goodbye to two more characters on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6.

    One was a high possibility, but the other was a bittersweet end to their sad story. If only we had more time with them before they bit the dust.

    Shocking Truths - Tall - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    “Least You Had A Spare” could best be described as a “ticking clock” chapter. There wasn’t an official countdown, but we viewers felt the dread as each minute wasted meant that Riley was closer to death.

    Everything surrounding the characters and the story focused on them trying to locate their missing friend. So, the emotional takeaway hinged on if Riley lived or died at the end.

    These episodes are great for pulling on the emotional heartstrings and adding lots of tension. We want to root for the group to come away as the winners and get that satisfying finish.

    Unfortunately, “Least You Had A Spare” didn’t hit the heights of the heartbreak that I Know What You Did Last Summer had hoped to achieve.

    It’s not because Riley died at the end (which was sad by itself), but because her character is not fully developed and fleshed out.

    Rocky Romance - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Riley was an underdeveloped character, just like Johnny before his death on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 2.

    Before her fight for life, all we knew about her was that she sold drugs around Wai Huna, that she stayed in town, and her mother wasn’t a great parent. And her potential crush on her BFF Dylan (we’ll get into this later on).

    Allison: Why would she call us here?
    Dylan: It’s high-tide.
    [They receive text messages]
    Margot: To make us watch!
    Dylan Fuck you! [Throws phone into ocean]
    Allison: No, that’s what she wants.
    Margot: To torture us to death?!
    Dylan: She’s doing a great fucking job.

    Riley played the stoic and detached group member, but we needed so much more from her to round her out. Like, what were her dreams? Was her life only about selling drugs?

    There could’ve been a great opportunity during “Least You Had A Spare” to show more of her that didn’t involve Dylan. It’s nice to discover that she loved Dylan and was saving herself for him, but the scenes didn’t add anything new we hadn’t already suspected. Her trying to kiss Dylan had been teased a few episodes back.

    The sadness of losing Riley shouldn’t depend on her not being with Dylan. Now, it’s too late to explore her history since she’s dead.

    Bouncing Around The Tension - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    The build-up to her death was a tense journey, albeit with a few questionable moves.

    I loved the entire scene of her being chased by the mysterious black truck. This segment reminded me of the iconic 90s slasher film; there was tension, stakes, and a genuine fear that the killer would find Riley.

    It’s a tad strange how easily Riley picked herself up after being hit by the truck. Even with the smaller surprise impact, Riley should’ve been hurt and had a harder time hiding.

    Lennon fully died from getting hit by a car. Granted, Allison was driving at a faster speed, but the impact from getting hit by a car does some damage.

    The Caves - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Riley still being alive after severe blood loss, a stab through the chest, and losing her arm was a miracle by itself. That would’ve been a Final Girl-level move had she survived at the end.

    The arm wouldn’t have made it, either way, especially hours after being cut off and the dog eating parts of it. But, all she had to do was find help and be rushed to a hospital.

    I’m surprised she didn’t head to a public place or go to the main road to be found. Dragging herself home through the woods would’ve been farther than the nearest person for help.

    It’s sad that she died mere steps from her house and her mother died looking for her. Even with the uncertainty and their history, Riley and Courtney were trying to seek each other out. It’s a glowing moment for their mother-daughter relationship that fixed a lot of character issues.

    Speaking of Courtney, “Least You Had A Spare” redeemed her considerably. She’s still an unreliable parent and a tad messy, but she showed how much she loved Riley (i.e., the most important person in her life).

    Her mother’s intuition knew something was wrong, and nothing was going to stop her until she saw Riley again.

    It’s that type of compassion for another person that we needed from Courtney. She had been mostly self-involved before the search, so this plotline gave her the sympathy to make her more likable.

    Lyla: There’s nothing official we can do for 48 hours.
    Courtney: In 48 hours, she could be died! There’s a fucking killer out there you haven’t fucking caught.
    Lonnie: The killer only targets reasonably attractive males.
    Mel: I’m sure she’s fine, Courtney.
    Lyla: We’ll keep an eye out.
    Courtney: Fuck you, Lyla. I’ll find her myself. And if anyone has hurt my baby, you’re all gonna wish you were dead!

    Courtney’s scenes also showed how the people of Wai Huna looked down on her and easily dismissed her. Granted, her tactics were brash, but she had genuine reason to be afraid with a killer around. No one believed or valued Courtney, which came back to haunt them.

    Hopefully, this feeling carries over into I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7. Both Courtney and Riley are dead because no one believed her; the town should face the guilt of not taking her concerns seriously.

    Mother's Intuition - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Were you a fan of Courtney’s death?

    The contraption with the phone and the wires felt like a trap set up by Jigsaw. Once again, I waited for Billy the Puppet to pop out and say, “You lose!” or send the OG crew a text of “Do you wanna play a game?”

    The metal noose came across as bloody and painful. Courtney had no chance of survival if someone wasn’t there to lift her; those wires had cut too fast and deep for her to live beyond a few seconds.

    This killer is playing games with everyone. Just like sending the OG crew to the caves to watch the tides, setting up these traps are a way to toy with their victims. The murders could become bloodier from here.

    Bruce's Truth - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Bruce needs to watch his back in Wai Huna. He’s revealing a lot of secrets for someone who’s supposedly innocent and trying to protect Allison.

    If he’s not the killer, he might be one of the next targets. (The target is growing on his back.)

    Bruce: Sorry, of course I knew about it. I was in it and so was your mother.
    Allison: If you fucking tell me Clara is my real mother right now, I…
    Bruce: No, she’s not, but your mother is alive. I know it’s a lot to take in, but I just don’t want there to be secrets between us.
    Allison: She killed herself.
    Bruce: That’s what she told me to tell you. That’s not true. She left.
    Allison: Seriously, Dad, this isn’t funny!

    Telling Lennon and Allison that their mother died was a terrible idea.

    He would’ve been better off saying their mother left because the trauma of her death caused a lot of pain. And now, her being alive ruined any trust Allison had with her father because of the lie.

    We may never see Allison’s mother, but my intuition tells me this plays a part in a bigger twist. Lennon had MANY secrets, so she may have done something before her death, like reconnecting with her mother or blackmailing Fred Phillips.

    Mel May - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Margot standing up to Bruce was peak comedy energy.

    She would’ve fought him to the ground if given a chance. She was that ready to fight to protect “Lennon.”

    Kyle casually appearing in the background or Margot staring down Bruce added so much extra cheekiness. These little moments lightened up the mood between all the tense scenes.

    Margot is becoming the comic relief we need during times like these.

    Wanted Woman - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Clara has become the top suspect, but her being the killer is one of the biggest questions. It’s either a big red-herring, or she’s actually involved in the killings.

    Her being at the caves, having the spiders, and driving a similar dark truck are all pieces that point to her being the killer. Plus, she has a complicated history with Bruce, so she may have used that to attack people close to him.

    There’s no legitimate reason why Clara would’ve taken Riley’s body to the honey cave.

    A possible theory is she may be trying to perform a cult ritual and saw the opportunity to take a dead body. Maybe she did the same thing to Lennon’s body too to preserve it? Either way, Clara is hiding something and has her own motivations.

    Suspicious Dylan - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Did anyone else’s jaw drop when Dylan and Clara were in the cave together? Similar to the above, this is either a red-herring or both killers meeting.

    “Least You Had A Spare” started the mystery if Dylan might be the killer (or one of the killers). Margot provided a lot of credible evidence of why he could be the killer based on his shadiness during the killing spree.

    The biggest pieces were him driving a similar truck as the killer and him sneaking out of Margot’s home. Plus, throwing his phone into the ocean was a dumb move.

    The tide’s coming in.


    Though, my gut is saying he’s not the killer. He looked genuinely surprised to find the honey room in the cave and bumping into Clara. And, he was still close friends with Riley, even with the awkwardness of him turning her down.

    The twist was shocking, but there could be more to the story as there are still more episodes on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1.

    OG Crew Grief - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

    Last Thoughts From The Caves:

    • My current killer theory: Margot and Kyle. Kyle’s committing many of the murders for Margot, and Margot did it as a way to win “Lennon” back. The climax will be her heartbreak finding out Allison is pretending to be Lennon.
    • Dylan being into Lennon came across as very messy. If he truly loved Allison, he wouldn’t have crushed on her sister too.
    • Margot is the queen of shade. She let Dylan know consistently where he stood in “Lennon’s” life.

    BFF Troubles - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 5

    Now, over to you, IKWYDLS fans!

    What did you think of “Least You Had A Spare”?

    Is Clara the killer? Is Dylan involved in the murders? Who will be the next victim?

    Share your thoughts in the comments below.

    Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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