Is Luca Going to Die in Kenny Johnson’s Final Episode? (PHOTOS)


S.W.A.T. just said goodbye to one original cast member—Alex Russell‘s Street transferred to Long Beach—and it’s about to do the same with another, but possibly in a tragic way. Kenny Johnson‘s final episode is the seventh of the season, airing on April 5, and it’s not looking good for Luca.

Due to March Madness, there are no new episodes of S.W.A.T. for two weeks (March 22 and 29), but fortunately, CBS has not only released a promo but also photos from the next one. Considering the last episode ended with Luca being shot multiple times—including in the chest!—when he spotted a robbery while off-duty, we’ll take anything we can get for a sense of what’s to come.

The video preview for the April 5 episode, “Last Call,” shows the team worried about Luca’s fate. “He’s fighting for his life,” Hondo (Shemar Moore) says. With one of the bullets hitting his heart, there’s a chance he won’t make it. And sure, the promo, which you can watch above, does appear to show S.W.A.T. gathered to salute a fallen officer, but these previews can be deceiving.

The photos, on the other hand, don’t show Luca at all. Rather, they appear to focus on what Hondo and the team are busy with: launching a citywide manhunt for the robbery crew responsible.

Also coming up in the episode, Deacon’s (Jay Harrington) plans for his future hit a snag, and Powell (Anna Enger Ritch) and Alfaro clash over a tricky issue. The last episode also ended with Deacon telling his wife Annie (Bre Blair) that he planned to talk to Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) about starting the process to retire with her back at work. “I’m past eligibility for my pension. The security company’s doing great. Even if I’m there full-time, the hours would let me be here for you and the kids. I think it’s time to do this, for us,” he explained. What could hold that up? Could it be Luca’s fate?

Scroll down to check out the Luca-less photos from “Last Call,” and let us know how you think S.W.A.T. is going to write out Luca in the comments section, below.

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