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    Legacies Spoilers: Where Will Hope’s Difficult Choice Lead?

    Hope Mikaelson’s days might be numbered, but that doesn’t mean the end of her existence.

    It means dying to activate her vampire side to become a tribrid, something the franchise has been building toward ever since the end of The Originals.

    Legacies Season 4 Episode 3 is titled “We All Knew This Day Was Coming,” which could hint at the child of Hayley and Klaus revealing her plan, but this show has proven to do the opposite of what we expect.

    Hope Seeks Help - Legacies

    In the trailer for the installment, we see Hope unimpressed about not being told the truth by those closest to her.

    As a result, she goes rogue, which could lead to some of the most shocking twists and turns to date.

    We see many characters crying in the teaser, and Dorian declaring that it’s happening, which is likely in reference to Malivore’s escape.

    Shifting Dynamics - Legacies Season 4 Episode 2

    Whether the show will finally kill off the overarching evil that has diluted the franchise, we don’t know, but there’s Hope.

    Malivore likely has a big interest in Hope becoming the tribrid, and it makes me think he has some wicked plan that could unleash holy hell on Earth.

    The clip also shows Hope battling a bigger monster than we’ve seen before, and with Malivore messing with Ethan, what could it mean?

    “Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) realizes she has a difficult choice to make, much to Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) disapproval,” the logline reads.

    A Tense Revelation - Legacies Season 4 Episode 2

    “Kaleb (Chris Lee) and MG (Quincy Fouse) come up with their own plan to help Hope as Hope seeks help from Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd). Meanwhile, Alaric realizes he needs to relinquish control.”

    Alaric has been trying to keep everyone safe for years, but at some point, he has to let go and let these kids fight their own battles.

    He had such a big part of the plot on The Vampire Diaries, but he’s not getting much to work with here.

    The series is slowly getting back to the quality of the earlier episodes, and a lot hinges on these next few episodes.

    Hope vs. Malivore - Legacies Season 4 Episode 1

    Claire Holt is returning as Rebekah Mikaelson, which means there will be some exciting times for Hope.

    Check out the teaser below and hit the comments with your thoughts.

    Legacies continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

    Remember you can watch Legacies online right here via TV Fanatic.

    Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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