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    Manifest Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Bug Out

    There comes a point in every series, especially high-concept dramas, at which you question their long-term future.

    We already know Manifest Season 4 will wrap up the one-time NBC drama, but it’s starting to feel like the series has too many episodes to play with as we approach the big finish.

    Manifest Season 4 Episode 12 had some exciting team-ups, returns, and answers, but it didn’t play out like an episode in the home stretch.

    Finding the Truth - Manifest

    Despite having all this power running through her veins, Angelina hiding out somewhere else makes her seem like a shell of the person she was at the end of Manifest Season 4 Episode 10.

    At that point, it seemed Angelina would unleash holy hell on the 828ers and everyone who opposed her. It was an excellent set-up for Manifest Season 4 Episode 11.

    Look Who's Back - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

    Unfortunately, some plots feel like the writers have had too many episodes to tell them, and I’ll die on the hill that Manifest Season 4 should have been 13 episodes.

    Angelina has been the thorn in the side of our key players for far too long, and I’m not fond of her attempt to build this connection with Cal.

    My best theory is that one is fated to destroy the world, and the other is here to prevent it.

    Angelina: For me? Thank you.
    Girl: Cheers. What’s wrong with your hand?
    Angelina: Mmm. There’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s very right. It shows I’ve been chosen by God.
    Girl: Like you’re special?
    Angelina: Mm-hmm.
    Girl: If you’re so special, why are you here?
    Angelina: ( sighs ) ‘Cause I’m waiting for him to send me a sign. And yesterday, for the first time in a long time, he did. He made my hand glow. God needs me again. Girl: Needs you for what?
    Angelina: To prepare for the day of judgment. Final trial by fire.

    While the series wants to believe Angelina is the bad guy and Cal is the savior, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to pull the ultimate switcheroo.

    Cal's Worry - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

    Cal is far more connected to this than others, and the glowing dragon tattoo’s return reiterates as much.

    I hope that Cal finds true meaning and purpose before Manifest Season 4 Episode 20 because, right now, he’s struggling to exist.

    If you watch Manifest online, you know he isn’t allowed to do much. He can’t work because his false identity doesn’t exist.

    With the Stones struggling to keep a roof over their heads, he feels very helpless, so it must have been a nice confidence boost to intercept Joe’s calling and play a part in saving his son.

    Zeke's Plan - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

    The callings have been one of the most prominent aspects of the show since Manifest Season 1, and they have to give us some concrete answers about them before the series is over.

    Michaela being given a day pass to investigate Charlie’s disappearance came out of the left field, but it made sense.

    The Registry was already using Sanvi’s expertise to help people inside the compound, and Michaela has proven to be one of the best detectives on the force.

    Working with Jared would always lead to feelings between the two, but I’m wrestling with whether I want them to keep it platonic or not.

    Jared Pleads - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

    With Zeke in the Glow and sending messages to his wife, there’s the possibility that they could reunite. If that is the case, Jared will be left brokenhearted again.

    Despite the chemistry between Michaela and Jared, they are a formidable force when they’re working cases.

    Zeke: I wish I could tell you everything that’s gonna happen, Mick.
    Michaela: Tell me.
    Zeke: I can’t. If I tell you about the future, it’ll change your decisions. I can’t risk messing with your free will.

    They saved a group of kids from a horrible life, and hopefully, they will continue to use their expertise to save lives.

    For now, the Registry will be interested in allowing Michaela back out into the field because she gets results.

    Helping Michaela - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

    She’ll need to be more aware of where and when to allow Zeke’s messages to come through because she’s this close to being found out, which could jeopardize her trips to the outside.

    It’s a shame that the Registry places little trust in Michaela because she has this interest in saving lives, especially those who were on the fateful plane.

    I’m not sure where Michaela’s storyline is going, but there’s much at stake as we approach the death date.

    Did anyone let out an enormous sigh when the bugs flew out of Captain Daly’s mouth? It came out of the left field and served as a plot device to delay him from talking.

    Hiding Out - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

    Having Ben draw the map of the compound as a calling wasn’t on my bingo card, but it was an excellent way to tie in the fact that these survivors are getting messages.

    Saanvi and Ben’s team-ups are always a lot of fun because they have chemistry for days.

    Zimmer: Ben will be released from solitary, but you are the only passenger with a law enforcement background.
    Michaela: So you’re just gonna let me walk out the door… You chipped me, didn’t you? That’s barbaric. You can’t.
    Jared: Seriously?
    Zimmer: An insurance policy. If you aren’t back in this room by 5:00 p.m., Calling solved or not, you’ll never see the other side of that wall again.

    I’m sure there will be many happy viewers about that kiss, even if it was just a ruse to prevent being caught. This is the final season, after all.

    Vance’s reaction was priceless, but it did make me wonder whether he saw the connection between the pair.

    Finding Daly - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

    Vance has been a crucial element in keeping everyone safe, but their kiss gave him pause to think about what he just witnessed.

    I’m unsure whether the series would ever put the two together, but I’ll continue enjoying them working together for now.

    Saanvi must feel like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She’s the critical component in pretty much all of the breakthroughs.

    She’s also holding secrets for the survivors. Polly’s pregnancy has the potential to showcase just how far the Registry will go to keep tabs on the 828ers. If Manifest Season 4 taught us anything, it’s far.

    Saanvi is Unsure - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

    I have to imagine telling everyone will come back to bite her, sending the tensions in the compound to a whole new level.

    I cannot tell you how long I’ve been fighting to get a passenger on the Callings Unit, and we need a win, so do not let me down.


    That’s all I got, Manifest fanatics.

    What are your thoughts on those team-ups? Do you feel the pace has slowed considerably so far this half-season?

    Hit the comments.

    Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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