Melissa Gorga Says ‘RHONJ’ Will Be ‘Better’ Now That She and Teresa Giudice Aren’t Speaking


Bravo has renewed The Real Housewives of New Jersey for a 14th season, and star Melissa Gorga says the show will be better as a result of her family feud with costar and sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.

“It’s very different from last season… because there’s not a lot of communication, so I think it’s different and better,” Melissa said during a BravoCon 2023 panel on Saturday, per People. “I think the fans will feel refreshed as well. I mean, weren’t you sick of it? It’s so much to describe right now, but I think everyone knows where we’re at. Everyone’s reading it. I think it’s, like I said, we’re at a place of peace. I think everyone needs a minute. Everyone needs a break and there’s just a period on it right now.”

Melissa and husband Joe Gorga’s tensions with Teresa and husband Louie Ruelas reached a breaking point in Season 13 when Melissa and Joe opted not to attend the latter couple’s wedding after Teresa and Louie relayed rumors that Melissa had cheated on Joe.

(Teresa then made her feelings about Melissa known in the Season 13 finale. “I can’t wait to never f–king look at your face again after today,” she told her sister-in-law, per E! News.)

“You know what? It’s hard,” Melissa said on Saturday. “But I’ve come to a point in my life where, you know, you can try, you can try, you can try, but at some point you need to protect your peace and you need to create a boundary and I think that’s what I did and that’s what we’re doing.”

She added: “I think, you know, when something is really toxic and it doesn’t work for you and it makes you uncomfortable, you don’t need to force yourself to be around it. It’s okay to let something go. I am protecting my peace. We should all protect our peace. I think that’s a wonderful thing and everyone should do that.”

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