Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Last


Reginald found himself in a surprising position: in the middle of a love triangle.

Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7 saw Reginald grapple with his emotions while revealing some new details about Claire.

Nikki’s obsession with Reginald continued, constantly putting Reginald in an uncomfortable position, and it ultimately drove him to his breaking point.

Reginald With Sarah at the Park - Reginald the Vampire

Reginald became love-obsessed when he awoke in a hotel room (but he didn’t awake next to Sarah).

Reginald woke up next to Nikki, but that’s not how the episode started: it started with a (very) strange musical number.

Reginald Smiling at Sarah - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

The episode started with a random musical number featuring the slightly insane (we’re being polite by saying slightly) Nikki.

Nikki imagined a bluebird, which appeared to her animated, and she sang a short song about her love for Reginald.

We braced ourselves for a musical episode, but luckily, we didn’t need to grit our teeth throughout the entirety of the hour. It seemed to be a bout of insanity from Nikki.

Nikki always proves crazier than we initially thought; this was no exception!

She also held an unexplained dead pigeon in her hands a few moments later, which confused us but also drove home her insanity narrative.

Sarah Embracing Reginald - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

Nikki also showed an interesting side of her: compassion (or something equivalent to compassion).

Claire made a bold but (apparently) necessary move when she asked Nikki to turn her into a vampire (she wanted Reggie to do it, but he refused a while ago).

Nikki actually listened to Claire and even put aside her search for the love of her life, Reginald, to have a conversation with Claire about getting turned.

She told Claire that she was too young to get turned but stopped short when she smelled an interesting (and concerning) smell in Claire’s apartment.

She investigated the smell, which she said was like sulfur, and found it came from Claire’s mom’s room (raising many questions).

Reginald and Sarah At a Park - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

After Nikki quickly questioned Claire about what happened with her mother (which is unclear), she agreed to turn Claire.

The biggest question that arose during this emotional scene was: What is happening with Claire’s mother?

It’s clearly something supernatural (or vampire-ish). We just don’t know what it is. Nikki seemed to imply that she knew, but the audience didn’t receive any hint about what it could be.

The facts are that Nikki smelled sulfur, her breath became visible when she entered the room, and she immediately seemed to know what was happening, or at least something terrible was happening.

Hopefully, the truth behind Claire’s mother will be revealed soon because we want to know what’s going on!

Claire Talking with Nikki - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

While we felt bad for Claire because clearly something terrible is going on, and we felt worse by the time the credits rolled.

Reginald’s confidence with women became overly bloated throughout the hour, with him sleeping with both Nikki and Sarah for a short time.

While he initially started as uncomfortable with Nikki’s obsession, he embraced it over a few days — leading him to consider nonmonogamy.

But the issue that arose didn’t come from polygamy itself. It came from Reginald himself.

Reginald thought that keeping up a relationship with both of the women was a good idea (hint: it wasn’t a good idea).

Nikki at the Park - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

Reginald’s newfound promiscuity would have been acceptable (and even encouraged) if it weren’t for all the deceit (and lying and douchiness) that came with it.

We thought Reginald was more mature than this, but clearly, we were mistaken. Reginald ended up messing things up with everyone in his life.

His relationship with both women managed to piss them off when they found out, and it also ruined things for Claire.

The episode culminated in all three of them, Nikki, Sarak, and Claire, writing Regiland out of their life.

But it also revealed a fascinating choice that Maurice made: he gave Sarah the bracelet he was making out of the herb of the cross.

Nikki Talking with Claire - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

While we knew Reginald was bad with women, we didn’t think he would be astronomically, ridiculously horrid.

That aside, Maurice’s choice to give Sarah the herb of the cross bracelet was interesting.

We had been functioning under the assumption that he was prepping the herb for Angela. So we were just as surprised as Reginald was when it appeared on Sarah’s arm!

Reginald then blamed everything on Maurice (which is highly immature because most of the issues stemmed from Reginald’s choices).

Reginald also spiraled out and did something that may have many ramifications for the entire vampire community: he killed Todd.

Nikki Talking - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

Todd had been experiencing the same memory lapses that Sarah had been experiencing because of the excessive glamoring.

Reginald launched his rage at Todd after Todd continuously ridiculed him. He fed, then left Todd on the floor of the slushie shack, bleeding, presumably dead.

He may not be officially dead, but he sure seemed it, and Reginald thought so too.

Having to wait a week for confirmation is annoying, but it’s nothing we aren’t used to!

With the finale quickly approaching, hopefully, Reginald the Vampire has something impressive for its final episodes (and, hopefully, more Ashley).

Nikki Discusses the Ramifications - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

So, Fanatics, what did you think of the episode? Can you believe there are only a few episodes left in the season?

Did you agree with Reginald’s decision in the end? What do you think will happen next?

Let us know what you thought in the comments below, and remember you can watch Reginald the Vampire online here on TV Fanatic!

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