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    The CW Cheat Sheet: Dynasty, Legacies, & Legends of Tomorrow

    We’ve been running our cheat sheets for the other four broadcast networks all season long, but we’ve refrained from posting about The CW.

    The reason?

    The network typically makes mass renewals at the beginning of the year, and quite frankly, we didn’t think this year would be any different.

    Dynasty and Legacies Split

    With the looming sale from corporate overlords Warner Bros. and Paramount, the network issued some renewals at the end of March, but many shows remain on the bubble.

    Scroll down to find out how we think the network’s renewals and cancellations will play out.

    Clarke Listens - Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 6

    Superman & Lois – Renewed

    The series is the network’s highest-rated in the demo and averages 904,000 viewers and a 0.19 rating.

    The show draws a strong reception with critics and is one of the network’s biggest hits.

    Day of Fun -- Tall - All American Season 4 Episode 12

    All American – Renewed

    It’s crazy to think that All American was on the bubble during its first season. It is averaging 592,000 viewers and a 0.18 rating.

    Now, the series is the second-highest rated on the network.

    It will be around for years.

    Barry - The Flash Season 7 Episode 13

    The Flash – Renewed

    The superhero drama has been picked up for Season 9!

    It is currently averaging 679,000 viewers and a 0.16 rating.

    The future beyond next season remains in question, and it’s likely the renewal is for a final season.

    Fierce and Competitive - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 5

    All American: Homecoming – Likely Renewal

    The series is tied to All American and is holding up reasonably well (by CW standards).

    It is averaging 429,000 viewers and a 0.13 rating.

    The CW has stacking rights on streaming, so the whole season will be made available.

    Its digital performance will play a big part in renewal decisions.

    Protective Walker Season 2 Episode 2

    Walker – Renewed

    The Jared Padalecki-fronted drama is averaging 952,000 viewers and a 0.12 rating.

    It is way down vs. last season, but the network is working on a spinoff, so it must be doing something right!

    Frazzled Naomi - Naomi Season 1 Episode 8

    Naomi – Could Go Either Way

    The series got off to a decent start, but it is losing too much of its lead-in to be considered a likely renewal.

    It is currently averaging 567,000 viewers and a 0.1 rating.

    The network will likely make a decision soon.

    Nicky Fight Pose - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 3

    Kung Fu – Renewed

    The Olivia Liang-fronted drama averages 548,000 viewers and a 0.09 rating in the demo.

    It did land a rapid renewal given that its second season only started this month.

    But the show likely performs well on digital.

    Constantine - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 15

    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Likely Cancellation

    It’s hard to believe the series missed out on an early renewal.

    It experienced ratings growth this season — rising to 528,000 viewers and a 0.09 rating.

    However, the show is aging and probably much more expensive than some of the other shows.

    If it gets canceled, the resolution could come in the form of a crossover with one of the continuing series.

    Fun Times - Charmed (2018)

    Charmed – Could Go Either Way

    Creatively, the show is in a strong place, but the series is pulling middle of the road numbers for the network.

    It is averaging 428,000 viewers and a 0.08 rating on Fridays.

    The network is probably awaiting delayed viewing numbers to make a decision.

    A Heavy Guilt - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 15

    Batwoman – Could Go Either Way

    The season was complete at the time of the early renewal decisions, and the series missed the cut.

    Its third season managed 458,000 viewers and a 0.09 rating.

    There is no other data for the network to take into consideration, so the show is right on the bubble.

    Hope with luscious hair  - Legacies Season 4 Episode 12

    Legacies – Could Go Either Way

    The spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals has continued to lose ground in the ratings this season.

    It is averaging 353,000 viewers and a 0.08 rating — down over 30% year-to-year.

    The most recent episode logged all-time-lows, which doesn’t bode well for the future.

    However, we’re inclined to believe there’s a chance it will get a short final season to wrap things up.

    The Craft - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 6

    Riverdale – Renewed

    The series is embracing the supernatural, and the numbers have continued to drop.

    It is currently averaging 286,000 viewers and a 0.07 rating.

    The series benefits from a lucrative Netflix deal, probably explaining the renewal.

    Surprised - 4400 Season 1 Episode 13

    4400 – Likely Cancellation

    The CW rarely renews all of its new shows, and 4400 did not breakthrough in the way the network expected.

    It averaged 370,000 viewers and a 0.07 rating with a strong lead-in.

    It probably will not be back.

    Kirby Looks at Dom - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

    Dynasty – Could Go Either Way

    Dynasty has been saddled with low ratings its entire run.

    However, it averages 304,000 viewers and a 0.6 rating, which is a rise of 25% vs. last season.

    The CW has been vocal about the show making a lot of money from international streaming deals.

    So, it’s hard to imagine the show not returning.

    Nace Exchange - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 2

    Nancy Drew – Renewed

    The spooky drama averaged 356,000 viewers and a 0.05 rating on Fridays this season — down 34% in the demo.

    However, it’s likely the show performed well enough on streaming to grab the renewal.

    What do you want renewed or canceled?

    Hit the comments.

    Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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