The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Date Night


Shaun’s refusal to work with Charlie was the best thing that could have happened to her.

On The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 4, Charlie helped Park, Jared, and Jordan devise a workable solution for a patient who was reluctant to undergo brain surgery while Shaun worked on a different case.

Charlie had her chance to shine, and she did so beautifully. Should she give up on Shaun?

Although Charlie still made a few inappropriate comments, she wasn’t nearly as annoying — or maybe the rest of her mentors were just more tolerant of her quirks.

Charlie’s insertion of her opinion about Nathan and Jordan flirting wasn’t that far off from how the rest of the doctors talk to each other. Jordan consistently and gently reminded her to keep it professional instead of losing her temper. That made a big difference.

Charlie Demonstrated She Belongs at St. Bonaventure

Throughout the hour, Charlie contributed a lot to the case she was working on.

When Jared and Jordan were busy discussing Jordan’s love life, Charlie was focused on medicine and came up with a few ideas. Later, she found an obscure study that pointed to an experimental treatment that met Nathan’s needs.

She showed off her medical skills for the first time, which she doesn’t get to do with Shaun. He shoots down every idea she has and doesn’t want her to talk.

His frustration on The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 3 was understandable since Charlie refused to accept feedback. But her interactions with the rest of the staff were so much less annoying that I wondered if the problem was Shaun.

“Patience” and “tolerance” are not words in Shaun’s vocabulary. He wants things the way he wants them, and he does not want medical students talking incessantly.

It’ll be hard for Charlie to accept that the man she idolizes can’t stand to be in the same room with her. But when she’s not around Shaun, she can do far better work and isn’t constantly subjected to putdowns and harsh criticism.

Is she masking (attempting to hide her quirks so that she’ll fit in) when she’s around neurotypical doctors?

She may allow herself to be more authentically autistic around Shaun because she thinks he’ll understand. If so, that’s backfiring badly, as Shaun has written her off because of behaviors that aggravate him.

The Good Doctor Missed a Chance To Demonstrate Charlie’s Empathy

Contrary to a pernicious myth, autistic people aren’t devoid of empathy. Often, we feel other people’s emotions to such a degree that we shut down because it’s too uncomfortable and intense.

The Good Doctor failed to push back against the idea that autistic means lacking empathy in Charlie’s storyline.

Nathan didn’t want to have the surgery because he was afraid he would lose his hearing and no longer be able to sing. It would have been natural for Charlie to empathize with that.

Many autistic people have special interests that they can’t imagine life without, just as Nathan couldn’t imagine a life without singing. It would have been a moving mental health story if Charlie had connected with Nathan by bringing that up.

Nathan and Jordan vs. Jordan and Jared

I’m not usually a fan of love triangles, especially when the writers clarify who the person will end up with when the dust settles, but Jordan made up her mind too quickly.

Was anyone else sad when she turned Nathan down? If he’s everything she’s praying for, it seems to me that embracing the unknown would mean giving him a chance.

Jordan wants to experience life with Jared, so her decision makes sense. But it still felt like the wrong one.

He’s tachycardic and warm. That’s not consistent with an OD. I think he’s having a stroke.


At least she and Nathan had the sense to wait until he was no longer her patient before they considered taking their relationship to the next level. So many doctors on TV ignore that ethical boundary, and it’s become a tired TV trope (and a rather gross one.)

Melendez and Lim were bad enough, but at least they were both doctors. We don’t need other doctors sneaking around to date someone they shouldn’t.

Shaun’s Attempt to Seek Balance Worked Well

In the past, I haven’t had much use for Shaun and Lea as a couple. But the two of them trying to figure out how to spend time together now that they have a baby was a compelling, relatable story.

Their attempt to find time for each other led to some humorous moments. I laughed at how Shaun signed his note to Lea, and the scene where they attempted to give Jordan a billion instructions was hilarious.

Only Shaun Murphy would put together a thick book to guide the babysitter.

Jordan’s reaction to Shaun and Lea’s anxious instruction-giving was perfect. It’s too bad she only had a few minutes to demonstrate she was up to the task before Lea and Shaun called it a night.

Shaun’s focus on the details of the karaoke bar that had changed was so typical of Shaun. But Lea stole the show with her commentary on their date.

I’m sorry, this is not like old times. It’s not just the tequila and music that have changed. Everything’s changed. How I see the world, how I see you. One teeny tiny baby, and the whole world looks different.


Parenthood is a huge adjustment, and Shaun and Lea are learning that as they go. Their dilemmas are often silly or annoying, but this one was one that many parents could relate to.

Shaun’s Case Offered an Interesting Parallel

Shaun might have been harried and exhausted, but he and Lea had their memories intact, a blessing his patient’s situation made more poignant.

Cam didn’t remember Gilly, and she was considering terminating their baby so she could devote herself full-time to his care, making them the exact opposite of Shaun and Lea, who were trying to find time for each other while taking care of their infant son.

Shaun provided a medical miracle at the last second. Thank goodness he figured out what was wrong before Gilly went through with the abortion.

This isn’t about whether abortion is moral. Gilly had the absolute right to have one if she decided that’s what she wanted.

However, she was only considering it because she didn’t think she could take care of both her husband and a baby, so it would have devastated both of them if he’d turned out to be okay after she’d already terminated the pregnancy.

Lim’s Mother’s Story Went in a Predictable Direction

Lim’s mother showed up out of nowhere, pressed her daughter to work less, and went out with Glassman when Lim didn’t want to go.

The second she and Glassman met up for the shopping trip, I knew they would end up together. Hopefully, Lim won’t cause them to split for the sake of drama.

Glassman was more relaxed than he’d been in months, but we already know from the spoiler video for The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 5 that Lim isn’t going to like this one bit. Ugh.

Some More Silly Park/Morgan Stuff

Park and Morgan have finally stopped bickering, not a minute too soon.

I find it obnoxious when they snark at each other, even if they find it a turn-on. However, this constant search for a place to have sex wasn’t much better.

Morgan: It’s been almost two months.
Park: We have the perfect excuse.
Morgan: People with kids have sex, right?

At least Morgan didn’t imitate Days of Our Lives’ Sloan Petersen, who is jealous of the attention her husband gives the baby and wishes he’d stop so they can have sex. When Morgan first brought up sex, I was afraid that’s where this was going.

I could have done without them trying to do it in a supply closet and Lim’s office, even if that did give us some comic relief.

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