The Walking Dead Spinoffs: First Look at Daryl in France


The main series is over, but the end was just the beginning for the Walking Dead universe.

AMC shared first-look photos for the Norman Reedus-led spinoff set in France, as well as some footage of Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s The Walking Dead: Dead City.

We’ll start with Daryl Dixon because we know so little about that one.

New Location - The Walking Dead

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know Daryl left after learning that Rick was alive and that Michonne was on a mission to find him.

We also know the coda for The Walking Dead: World Beyond took place in France, so it might be a hint that the zombies there are stronger than the variants we were introduced to on the final season.

Daryl in France - The Walking Dead

Daryl’s arc came full circle on the series finale, and we know he wakes up in this new location with no idea how he got there, something that should pave the way for quite the mystery.

We also know there’s a good chance Rick is not in Paris, thanks to the scene from the series finale of him on the run from the CRM.

“It’s very tunnel vision,” Reedus said during Sunday’s finale event.

“There’s a focus in it that I’m really enjoying.”

“We’re in castles and there’s moats and everyone’s speaking French,” Reedus continued.

Zombies in Paris

“[Daryl’s] trying to figure out what they’re saying, and is this going to be a fight?”

As for The Walking Dead: Dead City, that show got an exciting teaser that showcases life in New York City.

After spending so long in the woods, it’s time to take a look a bigger city setting.

Maggie in the Big Apple - The Walking Dead

The main series found the characters grappling with zombies in cities early in the run, but the characters moved to the outskirts.

It should make for a substantially different series.

Check out the trailer below.

AMC has also ordered a Rick and Michonne series, while Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 is also on tap for 2023.

What are your thoughts on the wider TWD universe expanding?

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