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    Top 10 Highest Rated IMDB Web Series On HBO MAX

    Top 10 Highest Rated IMDB Web Series On HBO MAX | Best Series on HBO

    0:00 – intro
    0:24 – Big Little Lies | IMDb: 8.5 (208 224)
    1:01 – House of the Dragon | IMDb: 8.5 (324 127)
    1:46 – The Wire | IMDb: 9.3 (349 137)
    2:32 – The Last of Us | IMDb: 8.9 (388 021)
    3:23 – The Sopranos | IMDb: 9.2 (419 118)
    4:11 – Band of Brothers | IMDb: 9.4 (479 745)
    4:49 – Westworld | IMDb: 8.5 (513 232)
    5:25 – True Detective | IMDb: 8.9 (587 399)
    6:16 – Chernobyl | IMDb: 9.4 (786 997)
    7:02 – Game of Thrones | IMDb: 9.2 (2 145 517)

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