What to Watch: Tulsa King, Rogue Heroes, Dead to me


This is an incredibly busy (and fruitful) week.

YELLOWSTONE RETURNS! And with it comes a new show in the Taylor Sheridan universe, Sylvester Stallone’s Tulsa King.

There’s a terrific series called Rogue Heroes premiering, Elite returns on Netflix along with Dead to Me, and a little bit of horror called 1899 (NOT associated with Yellowstone prequels).

And let’s not forget Christmas! The long-awaited genuine follow-up to A Christmas Story premieres on HBO Max, and The Santa Clauses touch down on rooftops everywhere on Disney+.

WTW November 12, 2022

Saturday, November 12

8/7c Reindeer Games Homecoming (Lifetime)

It’s a reunion that’s worth your time when Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening co-star in this heartfelt, funny, and emotional holiday film written and executive produced by Drew.

The chemistry between them absolutely crackles and makes this holiday flick worth your while, and they’ll have you glued to the screen and totally wrapped up in their love story as always. Grey’s Fanatics, Sweet Magnolia Fanatics, and just all-around fans of these fantastic actors will absolutely adore this flick! Check back in with us for a review!

Sunday, November 13

Tulsa King (Paramount+)

Partnering with Taylor Sheridan has been the best decision Paramount+ could have made. Created by Sheridan and passed into Terence Winter’s incredibly capable hands, Tulsa King is the perfect vehicle for its star.

Sylvester Stallone headlines this dramedy (heavy on the comedy) about a mafia capo who emerges from prison after 25 years and gets exiled to Tulsa to expand the mafia’s horizons.

The writing is sharp, and the cast is incredible. This is Stallone’s first TV venture, and to hear him tell it, he’s as much of himself as he’s ever been in his career.

8/7c Yellowstone (Paramount Network)

Power has a price. What are the Duttons willing to pay, the Season 5 logline asks.

Now that John Dutton is the Governor of Montana, he’ll have to learn to play in a sandbox he neither respects nor appreciates.

Beth and Jamie will be tasked with keeping on point while not killing each other, and it won’t be as easy as it sounds.

No amount of planning can prepare for what’s coming their way, and the family will be put to the ultimate test trying to pull this off.

8/7c Family Law (The CW)

Abby and Daniel represent the third member of a polyamorous relationship.

Abby confronts Lucy about what she witnessed at the bar, and Daniel misses Daniel, so all the siblings’ relationships are in trouble.

After Abby gets doxxed, Frank and the kids move in temporarily at her mom’s. Let the drama begin!

9/8c East New York (CBS)

It’s Morales’ turn on the hot seat!

When she discovers a potential link between a supermarket robbery and an assault case she was pressured to drop earlier, could she get in trouble with the brass?

Meanwhile, Quinlan discovers a lead that could help close a cold case — could this help her standing with the residents in the projects?

9/8c Dangerous Liaisons (STARZ)

Camille is faced with a new set of challenges as the Marquis de Merteuil returns home. Memories of her past haunt and confront her.

Valmont’s behavior catches up with him, and he makes a few enemies.

Will the secrets of the letters remain hidden? Will Camille and Valmont ever find common ground again? Who will come out on top?

It’s another luscious episode of Dangerous Liaisons! Don’t miss it!

9/8c Rogue Heroes (Epix)

If you’re a fan of cleverly crafted tales based on history, you won’t want to miss Rogue Heroes.

Based on the non-fiction book SAS: Rogue Heroes by Ben McIntyre, the series follows the courageous and sometimes crazy men who whipped up the SAS out of thin air to fool their adversaries and ultimately win the war.

The cast is incredible, including Connor Swindells, Jack O’Connell, and Alfie Allen. I’ts got a kickass soundtrack, and even with only six episodes, you’ll feel like you’ve lived a lifetime with these Rogue Heroes before it’s over.

10/9c Interview With The Vampire (AMC)

It’s season finale time, and a plan is forming.

The newly reunited vampire family makes plans to leave New Orleans, after throwing a party befitting of their city. But will they make it out together?

A stellar first season concludes with a stellar finale, which you won’t want to miss.

10/9c Our Italian Christmas Memories (HMM)

Sarah Power and Beau Bridges star in this moving film about a family coming to grasp with their grandfather’s Alzheimers.

When eldest Colucci sibling Anna returns home for Christmas, she discovers a family changed under the enormous strain of caring for a loved one.

She soon learns that her family needs her as much now as they ever did, and she works to bring them together for Christmas by reclaiming their departed grandmother’s famous Christmas sauce recipe.

10/9c NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

Rear Admiral Ted Gordon is abducted from his home.

So NCIS gets called in to investigate.

Kensi struggles with being the fun parent while Deeks is apartment-hunting with his mom.

Monday, November 14

Days of Our Lives (Peacock)

Could this be the week we FINALLY learn what Chanel supposedly did wrong? Spoilers say that she is going to come clean with Allie, but is it going to be on-screen this time?

Meanwhile, Nicole’s reunion with Eric hits a speed bump when he decides to stay with Jada for the baby’s sake.

And will Steve and Kayla find Tripp before things get any more dangerous?

8/7c All American (The CW)

Still not satisfied with her article, Olivia gets Billy’s help to find the missing piece before her deadline.

JJ ropes Spencer and Jordan into a Valentine’s Day fraternity speed dating event, which leaves Jordan questioning what’s really happening between him and Layla. Coop has an opportunity to audit a law class but faces stiff competition for the coveted spot.

Meanwhile, JJ begins to wonder if Asher is using recruiting as a ploy to get JJ to take the offseason seriously.

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

There’s a lot going on in this hour of 9-1-1, which will see the team race to emergencies at a renaissance faire and an office building.

We’ll also check in with Uncle Buck, who’ll spend some time with his niece, and May, who finds herself in a tricky situation.

With only a handful of episodes left until the midseason finale, you won’t want to miss a second of the action.

9/8c The Cleaning Lady (FOX)

Everyone’s lives are about to change. Garrett is out for revenge and ups his strategy against Robert.

When Fiona and the kids are in danger, JD steps up and provides protection.

Don’t miss any of action with only three episodes left.

10/9c The Good Doctor (ABC)

In real life, many areas are gearing up for winter, but The Good Doctor is dealing with a heat wave bad enough to knock power out and put patient lives at risk.

Lea and Glassman race to find a solution, while Lim’s spinal cord injury makes her more susceptible to heat-related complications.

And when Shaun finds out that Powell advised Lim to reject the paralysis-reversing surgery he recommended, all hell breaks loose!

Tuesday, November 815

A Friend of the Family: True Evil (Peacock)

This documentary companion to Peacock’s popular scripted series is the story of Jan Broberg, who survived years of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of family friend and neighbor, Robert Berchtold.

Through all-new interviews with Jan and her family, NBC News correspondent Andrea Canning explores in detail how Berchtold methodically and deviously gained access to Jan, exploited her family, instigated encounters with – and blackmailed – both her parents, and brainwashed Jan to believe that aliens would kill her and harm her sisters and parents if she didn’t bend to his will.

As Jan confronts the painful events that shaped her, she meets another survivor of Berchtold’s abuse, who shares her own experiences for the first time. Through Jan’s journey, this saga of lies, deceit, and inhumanity becomes a powerful story of endurance, courage, and a family’s life-affirming bond.

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

The promo teases a powerful episode that is a must-see for parents everywhere.

The Resident tackles the drug epidemic and its effects on teenagers, specifically when a young man comes into the ER overdosing off a mysterious pill, and Conrad and the others are desperate to learn what it is and stop others from suffering the same fate.

Bell starts to feel the heat from Betts’ vendetta when he receives court papers from a previous patient.

8/7c The Winchesters (The CW)

The Winchesters is back! What happens when Ada’s secrets come to light? The gang goes undercover and secrets are revealed, but just what is Ada hiding?

Meanwhile, Millie asks Mary to keep an eye on her boy, but after Lata’s research brings interesting results, John may have to save Mary this time around.

Carlos and Ada’s stakeout connects the victim to the next target, bringing them ever so closer to taking down the demon.

8/7c FBI (CBS)

Maggie returns from medical leave in time to help the team investigate two homicides.

The victims are a law student on track to attend the FBI Academy and a young man with possible gang ties.

Also, an inadvertent revelation from Maggie causes OA to worry that she is rushing back into the job too quickly.

9/8c Monarch (FOX)

The Catt news is out, and the Roman siblings have a lot of feelings about it.

Now that the news is out, they must figure out how to handle this situation and whatever else comes there way.

Meanwhile, Uncle Tripp is not backing down from his investigation into Clive’s disappearance.

9/8c La Brea (NBC)

The drama is action-packed in La Brea’s fall finale. Gavin and the others must rescue Caroline and figure out how to stop up the sinkholes.

However, the solution could tear their family apart again just as they are making strides to become closer.

In 10,000 BC Ty accepts a challenge from Taamet to win a cure to save Lucas’s life.

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

A case hits too close to home for Lauren when she treats a young woman suffering consequences of drug use and learns that the girl’s mother is the one who supplied them to her.

Max finds a new source of revenue for the hospital, but its means are illegal, while Floyd, Iggy, and Wilder all take on cases that inspire them.

We’re winding down with the final installments of this series!

Wednesday, November 16

The Santa Clauses

Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell and more franchise veterans return for this limited series sequel to the The Santa Clause franchise.

The series focuses on Scott as he ponders what life would be like away from being Santa.

Check out the trailer below.

8/7c Chicago Med (NBC)

When Maggie and Grant take a literal trip down memory lane, will they both make it back alive?

A car sideswipes Grant’s, crashing right into Maggie’s door. Assuming she survives, how will Ben react?

Meanwhile, Will and Marcel work together to facilitate a trans-organ exchange despite the ethical questions — will Marcel have to use his newfound fame to get it done?

10/9c Chicago P.D. (NBC)

Chief O’Neal is set on refocusing the unit’s attention away from his son, so he forces them take on a new case he feels is going nowhere.

Some of the similarities of the case serve as a trigger for Burgess, and she may finally unpack her previous traumas from Roy and getting shot.

The hunt for a killer requires them to get into its mind, but how will it pan out?

10/9c Reginald The Vampire (SYFY)

Reginald finds himself in the middle of a love triangle and he navigates it to the best of his abilities. He’s Swaggy Reg!

With the Vampire assessment moved up, Reginald is left with less than a month to prepare.

Claire makes a drastic choice that could affect her life forever, but will something get in the way?

10/9c Big Sky: Deadly Trails (ABC)

Murder camp is about to get a bit more crowded when Beau, Jenny, and Cassie descend on Sunny Trails in the aftermath of a murder.

Sunny and Buck will be looking to cover their tracks, while Jenny and Cassie will be on the hunt for a killer.

Things are definitely getting spooky out on the trails!

Thursday, November 17

A Christmas Story Christmas (HBO Max)

Ralphie and his friends are all grown up with families of their own! Can Ralphie make Christmas as magical for his own kids as his dad did for him?

Peter Billingsley returns to the role that has made kids of all ages anticipate Christmas morning like no other. Starring alongside Billingsley as Ralphie Parker are Erinn Hayes as Ralphie’s wife, Sandy, Julianna Layne as their daughter, Julie, and River Drosche as son Mark.

Ralphies best palls flick (Scott Schwartz) and Schwartz RD Robb) are along for the ride, and Ian Petrella reprises his role as Ralphie’s brother, Randy.

Other stars include Davis Murphy as Delbert Bumpus, with Zack Ward returning as Scut Farkus, and Julie Hagerty starring as Ralphie’s mom, Mrs. Parker.

Dead to Me (Netflix)

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardinelli return one more time as friends, Jen and Judy.

A hit-and-run started it all for Jen and Judy. Now another shocking crash alters the future of their ride-or-die friendship.

All roads have led to this.

Star Trek: Prodigy (Paramount+)

What do you do when the folks who hold the key to everything you’ve dreamed of for your life think you’re a thief and a saboteur? Dal and his team are about to find out!

When the crew of the USS Protostar tries to find a way to travel to the Federation without the booby-trapped ship, they find themselves face-to-face with the Dauntless crew hunting them.

Be ready for other familiar faces to crop up on the waystation planet and strap in for some high-octane cat-and-mouse pursuit! How amazing has the back half of this season been? Go fast and be sure to watch it the instant it drops!

1899 (Netflix)

The team behind Netflix’s hit series Dark return for another fresh concept that follows an ill-fated steamship voyage from London to New York in the late 19th century.

The series is one of the most mysterious on the air in recent memory, buoyed by a phenomenal cast and effects.

We’ll have more 1899 coverage in the lead-up to the premiere.

The Sex Lives of College Girls (HBO Max)

The ladies of Essex are back for another semester of laughs.

We pick back up with everyone after their Fall break, and they’ll be faced with a lot of uphill battles.

Check out the trailer below.

8/7c Law & Order (NBC)

Almost a week past Veterans’ Day, Law & Order offers its own take on veterans’ rights.

The detectives work hard with a decorated veteran’s daughter to help find her father’s killer.

When it gets to court, Price and Maroun have more questions, but will the other vets that knew the man talk or keep quiet?

9/8c Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

If you’re a Rollins fan, you don’t want to miss her penultimate episode!

While the team searches for a violent suspect who murdered a detective’s child, Rollins thinks about a potential new job opportunity.

It sounds like she’s going to leave SVU on good terms. Could she be moving over to some other bureau we’re familiar with?

Since the case in the promo involves attacks against transgender people, Hate Crimes seems like a good bet!

10/9c Law & Order: Organized Crime

We finally get back to the investigation into the Silas family and their casino! When Pearl falls dangerously ill ( poisoned, perhaps?), the team is dragged back into the investigation into all the corruption in the casino development project.

Meanwhile, everyone’s heard rumors that the Organized Crime Unit is about to be disbanded. Bell tries to keep her detectives calm, but is she telling them the full truth?

And what’s the latest with Leonetti, the Italian agent who showed up out of the blue and seems to want Stabler?

Friday, November 18

The Peripheral (Prime Video)

Flynne and Wilf discover Aelita’s ties to Neoprims, who want to destroy London as we know it.

Inspector Lowbeer makes her appearance in London and demands to meet Flynne, Burton, and Conner.

As Flynne’s life continues to be put in jeopardy, will they be able to prevent more global catastrophe?

Elite (Netflix)

The Las Encinas students return for a new year of scandalous happenings, and there’s plenty to like about the new season.

For the first time in a long time, the series embraces change, allowing the narrative to shift in an exciting new direction.

Check out the trailer below and return to TV Fanatic for more Elite coverage in the lead-up to the premiere.

8/7c S.W.A.T. (CBS)

20-Squad is back and trying to save one of their own.

A cop on the verge of shutting down a major drug operation is abducted, and the team tries to save them before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Luca can’t help but notice, and be concerned about, Hicks’ sudden change in behavior, so what’s all that about? Tune in to find out!

10/9c Blue Bloods (CBS)

Uh-oh! It’s brother vs. brother when Jamie’s new position has him butting heads with Danny over a gang-related shooting.

And if that isn’t bad enough, Erin and Anthony look into why a lawyer in their office put Joe Hill in danger.

Meanwhile, what sense does it make to block Frank from speaking at a forum about policing?

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